Apple Responds to Mobile Me Web Inaccessibility and Technical Support Training Concerns

Accessibility Advocacy
Hello Everyone, Certain parts of Apple's Mobile Me website are not accessible to VoiceOver users at this time. I sent a note to Apple's accessibility team asking about the company's future plans to improve Mobile Me accessibility. The following brief response came back less than an hour later from an unidentified person: Hi, Thank you for your email. At this time MobileMe is not fully VoiceOver compatible. We are unable to comment on when complete VoiceOver functionality may be added to MobileMe but the MobileMe team is aware of this issue. We do appreciate the feedback and will forward it on to the appropriate people for review. Apple Accessibility I would urge any blind Mobile Me customers, or those who would like to take advantage of everything the service offers, to write a short note to asking that they prioritize Mobile Me accessibility and keep the connected online blind community informed of their progress. We should keep in mind that, if we spend the same amount of money as our sighted peers, it's only right that we be allowed access to the same level of service. I sent a brief note to Apple's accessibility team about the experiences some of us have encountered with the company's technical support team's lack of accessibility and VoiceOver knowledge. Once again, I got a brief response back from the team within an hour: Hi,  We apologize for your negative experience.  All new AppleCare employees receive basic accessibility training and we will send your email on to the AppleCare team for their review.   Please note, the email address was specifically created to answer customer questions about accessibility issues so please feel free to communicate with us if you need additional assistance. Apple Accessibility I'm not exactly certain of the meaning of that last note, but it sounded to me like the unidentified Apple employee was saying that should be used for customer-specific, accessibility-related issues. That's not at all my understanding of the purpose of that address. I thought it was for submitting general accessibility-related feedback for addressing current accessibility issues in Apple's products or considerations for enhancements to future products. If anyone can provide some clarification on the purpose of the e-mail address, that would be greatly appreciated. Again, I urge anyone who has experienced the issue where Apple technical support hasn't been aware of accessibility features in the company's products to write to describing their specific incident. That's all for now. Regards, Darrell