Apple Is Hiring an Accessibility Person

Accessibility Advocacy

Dear AppleVis Community:

I hope all is doing well and this message finds you in good health.

I recently came across this job listing on LinkedIn which is currently advertizing an accessibility tester / engeneer / developer at Apple. This one's for their MacOS development. I have seen similar positions posted before.

I know from the recent chats on here regarding Apple accessibility or lack thereof with its recent releases especially with VoiceOver. I think this would really be a wonderful opportunity for someone with the right skills set and attitude to go forward and apply. I didn't look at the entire job listing in detail, and I am not endorsing the company either. Just sharing information in hopes that someone takes the lead and advocate for more accessibility solutions by being in the frontline of what's in the works. :)

Below is the link to the listing, which takes you directly to LinkedIn:

I understand you can apply through there or follow the corresponding links to follow up. Good luck!

-- Humberto