Accessibility issues on Apple Store surveys

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Hello you guys, I received an email yesterday and today about taking a survey from Apple. The issue that I'm having is, it is not voiceover accessible. We just want to be aware if this issue. Please come post comments below if you have The issue that I have been having.
When I try to take the survey, I have a question like I normally have. Then, I cannot click on the satisfactory rating from 1 to 5.
That is the issue I am having right now. Any other people have this issue? Comment below if you want to. It will help the Apple accessibility team a lot.



Submitted by david s on Thursday, June 15, 2017


Which website are you going to? URL? Are you using an IOS, OSX or windows with what screen reader? Can you provide the steps you are performing and what problems you are running into? Lots of questions I know, but you need to provide it so people wanting to help you can try to replicate the issue.

I found that some Apple sites are not accessable on windows with Jaws, NVDA or ZT as they are on a Mac with VO. An example is the apple support forums.

HTH and good luck.

Submitted by David Standen on Thursday, June 15, 2017

I experienced the same issue in January after obtaining my iPhone 7. I was attempting to use my iMac when completing the survey and using the VO keys plus space wasn't working when submitting an option from 1 to 5. The only way I could complete the survey was with the assistance of a sighted work colleague.

Submitted by Ekaj on Thursday, June 15, 2017

The only experience I've had thus far with an Apple survey was awhile back, and I had no trouble filling it out and submitting it. It was a customer satisfaction survey from Apple's support team, and I used VoiceOver to complete it. This was shortly after receiving my MacBook Air. However, I did notice that the rating and review system in the Apple store wasn't terribly accessible. I only briefly looked at it though, so will have to go back there at some point and check it out in more detail.

So you had the same issue on your iMac? Wow that's a lot! I had to have side assistance to complete the survey.