Accessibility feedback form for Google products

Here's the link to Google's accessibility feedback form. In addition to posting about issues with Google iOS apps on this forum, let's all please also be sure to formally report it to them as well.


#1 In my opinion

As the subject says, in my opinion. Google has been told about issues with Youtube for the Apple TV OS, and the Ios. When I have written them, I've gotten an auto reply saying that they can't respond to everything they get. Why not? Your a business after all that has the public's interest, right? Am I missing something here? Now please keep in mind, I am not trying to start a war on this thread, I am just quite angry at Google for putting ways to contact them and then they just throw an automated reply at you and just move on to the next big project that they want to roll out with. If I could speak to them by phone, maybe I could get someone to understand. Writing is good. But, it's the customer experience that counts.