About iOS 13.1.2 accessibility problems and whether to upgrade

I am using iOS 12.4.1 version.
I didn't install iOS 13.1.2 because Voice Over has some pronunciation problems with the Turkish voice synthesizer.
I realize that if I update, I can't go back because Apple has closed iOS 13 signatures.
Therefore, I would like to ask you;
Should I install iOS 13?
Are accessibility issues resolved?
My device is the iPhone XR.
Thank you in advance for your answers.



Wait until iOS 13.2 which will come in Nov. Most people will say that I am negative but they do not know much. I had use iPhone since 4 and to iPhone XS. While other had issues with previous iOS, I did not until unlucky 13. You do not miss anything by waiting. When iOS 13.2 comes listen to the comments from people.

I installed 13 and haven't had

I installed 13.1 and then the latest update when I upgraded to the iPhone 11 on Monday. If I connect a headset to the phone I lose speech. Not sure how I get it back exactly. That could be a big one. Otherwise no other accessability problems.

Yes problems

When in lock screen and you press power button to use Siri, VO talks and she becomes confuse between VO and your question. Also I think is a bug but people do not, When getting messages or any notification when lock screen, VO tells the time at the end of the notification. Other reports other issues.


When you go to notification, and attempt to clear, they do not do so and sometimes VO freezes. In the morning, when I go to notification and slide to clear all does not work. You have to clear one of the time.

My friend stay where you are

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First time I wish I had not updated. When browsing sometimes video moves around and I lose track of what I was reading. Same thing happens in my lap when you delete a mail. Wait and see if 13.2 fixes all these issues. Have a great day. Oh and yesterday the phone froze for no apparent reason.

For your answers, thank you

Thank you in advance for your answers.
Then I can postpone iOS 13 installation for a while.
Actually, I'm very interested in beta.
If I could go back, I would like to test iOS 13.2.
But now it is not possible to return.
Therefore, it is best to wait in iOS version 12.4.1.

I wish I stayed

I wish I'd stayed. I've had nothing but issues since. And don't forget the phone call bug! Not 2 mention how many 3rd party apps were broken! A few of them it turned out, were ones I used like Goodreads. I'm anxiously awaiting 13.2, in the hopes that it fixes some things. Just last night, I started having issues moving apps out of my dock! Can move them around in the dock, but not out of it. Have a case opened with Apple Accessibility, but it's very annoying! And I didn't upgrade from 12 to 13.0, I waited til an installment or 2 after. Take my & other advice, stay put. There may be people that have had 0 issues, & I'm happy 4 them. But, we all use different devices, & have different use cases. And just because a bug may effect 1 app or 1 device, doesn't mean it won't effect yours also. The phone call bug is a prime example. Thought it only effected phone & face time, but it's effecting messenger as well. Be smart & stay on 12 until @ least 13.2. Your mental health will thank you!