VoiceOver does not read file or folder name in Google Drive

VoiceOver Announcements


When viewing the contents of a Google Drive folder in Safari, the J and K keys move focus to different files and subfolders. As focus changes from one item to the next, VoiceOver should announce the name of the file or subfolder, but instead announces “list box” or “list box loading”.

As a workaround, press VO+F3 and VoiceOver will announce the name of the file or subfolder with focus.

With the release of Ventura 13.4, the workaround is no longer reliable. Sometimes pressing VO+F3 will cause VoiceOver to announce the name of a file or subfolder that does not have VoiceOver focus. For this reason, I rate this issue with Medium severity rather than Low.

For more information, see this AppleVis forum discussion. https://www.applevis.com/forum/macos-mac-apps/google-drive-unusable-current-safari

Bug First Encountered

macOS Ventura 13.0

How often the bug occurs



At this point, there is no practical workaround for the situation where VoiceOver reads the incorrect file or subfolder name.

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Case ID: 2980322