VoiceOver does not move through the popup window that appears when using an option from the 'Social' widget



If you activate a button from the Social widget in the Notification Center, you can't vo-arrow or tab around the resulting dialog box. You can type, but that's all. The main problem is that you can't move to and activate the "post" button to send your post on its way. In other words, VoiceOver's focus doesn't seem to move to the box that appears after selecting the desired button from the widget.

Bug First Encountered

OS X 10.11

How often the bug occurs




Fixed In

macOS 10.12



By Jay Bee

8 years 4 months ago

When I posted a query with this regard on the general discussion section, A member called Piotr Machacz suggested that I could use the key combination control+tab to get out of the text field and focus on post / cancel buttons. Then once I got to either of the buttons I want to press, he instructed me to press the space bar simply rather than going by the VO command of activating a button which is VO + space bar. The reason why one should do it that way is: the VO focus is not on the button that we focus by pressing control + tab. Therefore rather than relying on VO focus, we've got to go by the system focus and hit the space bar which is the default command to exicute a system operation.
Hope I make myself clear enough.
However, that seems to be the only available work around so far.