When invoking the Notification Center, many connected braille displays will become disconnected



When bringing up the Notification Center through touch gestures or using the Perkins-Style keyboard, the connection between the display and iOS device will drop. If you have VoiceOver sounds enabled, you will hear the associated sound when this happens. This bug appears to be impacting all braille devices, but no other devices connected to iOS. This behavior has been tested under the Focus 14/40 Blue, Orbit Reader 40, and Brailliant BIX series.

Steps to reproduce

See above.

Bug First Encountered

iOS/iPadOS 16.3

Device(s) bug has been encountered on


How often the bug occurs



Getting the connection back is often accomplished by tapping on the screen, but with some devices, locking and unlocking the iOS device's screen may be necissary.

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Fixed In

iOS/iPadOS 16.4



By Pratik Patel

1 year 1 month ago

I am unable to verify this with Brailliant BI 40?X and an older Humanware display. In addition, I did not see this issue with those displays during the iOS and iPad OS 16.3 developer beta cycles. I tested this on two testing devices including iPhone 14 and iPad Mini. The description above is inaccurate.

By wyatt rose

1 year 1 month ago

I can definitely confirm this bug. Also, I'm noticing that if I unlock my screen, my braille note touch plus won't reconnect automatically, I have to reconnect manually. Really annoying.

By Brandon McPhillips

1 year ago

This bug is freaking annoying. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max with 16.3, and a Focus 40 Blue 5th Gen. And to the person who had the beta of this update, things can change between the last version of the beta, and the main release. I used to be on the program and I've seen it happen. I really hope Apple fixes this soon.