When customising the Lock Screen, VoiceOver will on occasions wrongly behave as if the “Show Notifications” button is present and actionable

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Wen customising the Lock Screen, there is a specific situation when VoiceOver will wrongly behave as if the “Show Notifications” button is visually present on screen and actionable.

It appears that this only occurs if prior to entering customisation mode the “Show Notifications” button is present on the Lock Screen so as to give access to old notifications.

In the above situation, after activating Lock Screen customisation and moving VoiceOver focus through the screen contents, VoiceOver will wrongly announce that the “Show Notifications” button is one of the UI elements on the screen. It is not, and double-tapping on it does nothing.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Ensure that VoiceOver is enabled
  2. Navigate to the Lock Screen
  3. Ensure that the “Show Notifications” button is present
  4. Perform a long press or 1 finger triple tap on the time UI element so as to enter Lock Screen customisation
  5. Perform a 4 finger single tap on the bottom half of the screen (the gesture to place VoiceOver focus on to the last UI element on the screen)

You should find that VoiceOver will announce that focus is now on a button labelled “Show Notifications”. However, if you perform a 1 finger double-tap nothing happens.

This behaviour appears to be present on any of the Lock Screen customisation screens, such as when adding a widget or changing the font or colour used for the time or date.

On occasions you will also find that VoiceOver will report that focus is on the “Show Notifications” button when flicking through screens when in customisation mode. However, there seems to be no consistent steps that will always reproduce this behaviour.

Bug First Encountered

iOS 16.0

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Fixed In

iOS/iPadOS 16.1