When customising a Lock Screen and dragging a widget to either add it to the Lock Screen or change its position, VoiceOver provides no feedback

VoiceOver Announcements/Feedback


When customising a Lock Screen, it is possible to add a widget by dragging it from the palette of available widgets and also to arrange widgets on the screen by dragging. In neither case does VoiceOver provide any feedback to indicate that dragging of a widget has started or where it will be placed when released, such as “before Weather conditions widget”.

Additionally, in the case of organising widgets which have already been added to the Lock Screen, VoiceOver users are given no feedback from VoiceOver that it is in fact possible to rearrange them by dragging. Perhaps the best solution for this would be to make “Drag” available from the VoiceOver rotor when customising a Lock Screen.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Ensure that VoiceOver is enabled
  2. Navigate to the Lock Screen
  3. Perform either a 1 finger triple tap or a 1 finger double-tap and hold on the Time element so as to enter customisation mode
  4. Place VoiceOver focus on the Lock Screen that you wish to customise
  5. Select “Customise” from the VoiceOver rotor

The next step will depend upon whether you already have widgets added to the selected Lock Screen and whether they are in the slot above or below the time.

  1. Assuming that you have 2 or more widgets placed in the slot below the time, double-tap with 1 finger on 1 of the widgets.

It is now possible to rearrange these 2 widgets by dragging. However, VoiceOver users are given no indication that this is the case.

  1. Perform a 1 finger double-tap and hold on 1 of the 2 widgets.
  2. Still touching your finger to the screen, slide your finger to either the left or right (this will depend upon the position of the selected widget relative to the other widget)

The widget should be dragged as you move your finger. If you drag it either past or before the other widget and then lift your finger, the widget will be dropped in to this new position.

VoiceOver provides no feedback that this is occurring.

Typically you would expect VoiceOver to announce the current location of the widget as it is dragged, letting users know where it will be placed when they lift their finger to drop the widget.

Similarly, if you drag a widget from the palette of those available in order to add it to the Lock Screen, VoiceOver does not announce the current position of that widget relative to other widgets as it is dragged.

Bug First Encountered

iOS 16.0

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There is no workaround as such, you simply have to rely on trial and error to place widgets where you want them relative to each other.

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