VoiceOver Will on Occasions Wrongly Indicate That Some Blocks of Text Are Editable Text Fields


VoiceOver Announcements/Feedback




VoiceOver will on occasions wrongly indicate that some blocks of text are editable text fields, resulting in VoiceOver speaking feedback such as “text field, editing“, “double tap to edit” or “character mode” before speaking the text.

Typically, this behavior only occurs on the first paragraph when navigating by swiping, but may occur more frequently if navigating by touch.

This is most prevalent in Safari, but has also been encountered in several other apps.

Our experience suggests that apps pulling the text from the web are most likely to exhibit this behaviour - such as RSS readers and news apps.

This behavior is particularly intrusive if you have VoiceOver hints enabled, so you may want to disable this option until this issue has been resolved.

Bug First Encountered: 

iOS/iPadOS 13.4

How often the bug occurs: 


Device(s) bug has been encountered on: 




Fixed In: 

iOS/iPadOS 13.5