VoiceOver will on occasions not speak the names of apps when moving focus through the App Switcher

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When using the App Switcher to switch between apps, you may on occasions find that VoiceOver will not speak the names of apps.

Typically VoiceOver will behave as expected when you move focus through the first 2-3 apps in the App Switcher, but then stop speaking app names.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Ensure that VoiceOver is enabled.
  2. Ensure that the App Switcher will have several apps to display.
  3. Activate the App Switcher.
  4. Place VoiceOver focus on to the most recently used app (the one furthest to the right when swiping).
  5. Swipe left with 1-finger repeatedly to move VoiceOver focus through the App Switcher.

You would expect VoiceOver to speak the name of each app as focus is placed on to it.

What will on occasions happen, is that VoiceOver will behave as expected for the first 2 or 3 apps, but then stop speaking the names of apps. In these cases, if you have hints enabled these will still be spoken when focus lands on an app.

Bug First Encountered

iOS/iPadOS 15.0

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How often the bug occurs



This issue can be resolved by disabling Reduce Motion at Settings > Accessibility > Motion.

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Fixed In

iOS/iPadOS 15.1