VoiceOver Users Unable to Reliably Navigate Action Button Configuration



When configuring the Action Button on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models, VoiceOver users may experience inconsistent focus behaviour in locating the button used to select the desired option for an available function.

The Action Button settings screen contains multiple pages, one for each function like Focus mode. Certain function pages have a configuration button to select options for that function. For example, the Focus mode page has a button to pick which Focus mode to use.

If navigating these screen by flicking to move VoiceOver focus, this button is typically not located.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enable VoiceOver.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Action Button.
  3. Switch to the screen for configuring the Focus mode function.
  4. Perform a 4-finger tap at the top of the screen to place initial VoiceOver focus.
  5. Flick right repeatedly with 1 finger to move through all focusable elements.

Expected: VoiceOver should announce the Focus mode selection button, allowing the user to select a specific Focus mode for the Action Button function.

Actual: The Focus mode selection button is not consistently located when flicking left through focusable elements. It may be located on some attempts but not others.

Bug First Encountered

iOS/iPadOS 17.0.2

Device(s) bug has been encountered on


How often the bug occurs



Users can locate the button by touch instead of relying on flicking to move focus.

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