In the native Music app, navigating by Heading is unreliable for VoiceOver users



On most tabs in the native Music app, using the VoiceOver rotor to navigate by heading is unreliable.

The typical behaviour appears to be that navigating by heading only works with headings that are visually present on screen at the time.

Consequently, VoiceOver may report that no further headings are available, when in fact there are.

Using a 3 finger swipe up or down on the screen can be used to scroll the page, typically revealing that there are indeed more headings. Once these are visually present, the headings option on the VoiceOver rotor will move focus to them.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open the native Music app.
  2. Navigate to the Browse tab (although any tab is likely to exhibit this behaviour)
  3. Perform a 4 finger tap on the top half of the screen so as to place VoiceOver focus on to the first UI element on this tab.
  4. Set the VoiceOver rotor to its Headings menu.
  5. Flick down with 1 finger repeatedly to move VoiceOver focus through all available headings.

You should find that VoiceOver will indicate that there are only 1 or 2 headings on this tab. However, if you use the 3 finger swipe up/down to scroll the screen and then try again, it is likely that VoiceOver will find headings which it previously failed to find.

Bug First Encountered

iOS 13.0

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By Adrian Wyka

3 years ago

Yes, I have been reporting this problem for a long time, unfortunately without any reaction from Apple. :(