The initial position of the VoiceOver rotor for many text fields is “Show Context Menu” (which does nothing in these cases)


VoiceOver Announcements/Feedback




  1. Ensure that VoiceOver is enabled.
  2. Open Safari.
  3. Double-tap with 1 finger on the address field.
  4. With VoiceOver focus still on the address field, flick up with 1 finger.

You should find that VoiceOver will announce “Show Context Menu”.

If you double-tap with 1 finger at this point, nothing happens (this is one of the many places across iOS 13 where the “Show Context Menu” is present on the VoiceOver rotor's Action menu but does nothing (as the new long press functionality is not available on the UI elements concerned).

One would expect the VoiceOver rotor to default to the Character menu item in this situation, as it is probably the one most likely to be used.

Note that this same behaviour is present on a large number of text fields system wide and within apps.

Bug First Encountered: 

iOS 13.0

How often the bug occurs: 


Device(s) bug has been encountered on: 




Fixed In: 

iOS/iPadOS 13.2