Incorrect behaviour of Audio Destination Rotor menu if used when VoiceOver focus is on a UI element that has Action menu items available

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If you use the Audio Destinations menu on VoiceOver's rotor when VoiceOver focus is on a UI element that also has Actions menu items available, flicking up or down will move through the menu items on the Audio Destinations menu, and then jump to items on the Actions menu.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Ensure that Audio Destinations is enabled on the VoiceOver rotor settings screen.
  2. Connect your device to an audio device so that the Audio Destinations menu will be available from the VoiceOver rotor.
  3. Navigate to the Home screen.
  4. Place VoiceOver focus on to an app icon.
  5. Set the VoiceOver rotor to the Audio Destinations menu.
  6. Flick up with 1 finger repeatedly to move through all available menu items.

You should find that the first two menu items available will be those from the Audio Destinations menu.

However, instead of looping through these items, the next items are ‘Edit Mode’ and ‘Activate’, which are the items on the Actions menu for Home screen icons.

If you continue to flick up, the only available menu items will now be those from the Actions menu.

Similar behaviour is present on any other UI element which has Actions menu items available - such as list of conversations in the Messages app or list of emails in the Mail app.

Behaviour of the Audio Destinations rotor menu is as expected when used on a UI element which doesn't have Actions menu items available.

Bug First Encountered

iOS/iPadOS 13.1

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Fixed In

iOS/iPadOS 14.2