Inconsistent VoiceOver Focus Navigation in Weather App Main Screen



When using VoiceOver to navigate the main screen of the native Weather app, the movement of focus is inconsistent and unreliable. Specifically, focus can become stuck on a UI element, falsely indicating there are no further elements to the right or left. Or focus may unexpectedly jump over elements as if they don't exist on the screen.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Weather app.
  2. Activate VoiceOver.
  3. On main screen, flick right with 1 finger to move focus.
  4. Focus will get stuck on certain elements like hourly forecast, even though more elements exist to the right
  5. Or focus will jump over elements like the day forecasts.
  6. Issue is intermittent but repeatable with enough flicking. It occurs when moving focus forward or backwards through this screen.

Expected Result:

Focus moves sequentially over each element from left to right across the screen with 1 finger flicks.

Actual Result:

Focus gets stuck on elements or jumps over elements inconsistently when flicking right/left. Spatial navigation is unreliable.

Bug First Encountered

iOS/iPadOS 17.0

Device(s) bug has been encountered on


How often the bug occurs



Explore the screen by touch to familiarise yourself with the screen layout and all the actual UI elements. When focus gets stuck or jumps, use this to locate the missing UI elements and weather data.

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