The device becomes unresponsive for a short period after sending a reply to an email in the Mail app



When sending an email in the Mail app, the device becomes unresponsive for up to 30 seconds--with the amount of delay appearing to be proportional to the age of the device. This appears to only happen when you send after replying to an email, not when sending after composing a new message.

Bug First Encountered

iOS 9.0

Device(s) bug has been encountered on


How often the bug occurs




Fixed In

iOS/iPadOS 13.1



By raaj

8 years ago

I got the same problem as well. I thought this is natural. Since the voiceover resuming after a while. But I haven't noticed whether it is only for replying emails. I think it's for all emails after hitting the send button.


By Maura Mazz

7 years 11 months ago

I recently updated to iOS 9.2 and VoiceOver is not responsive when replying and forwarding emails. I did not experience this with iOS 9.0. I have encountered another problem with iOS 9.2. On my home screen, VoiceOver will not tell me I have unread messages, but will once I open the app. I never updated to iOS 9.1. Could this be the problem? I would appreciate any help/suggestions/workarounds.

By TJT 2001

7 years 7 months ago

I have found that the length of the period of unresponsiveness is proportional to the length of the messages in the entire email thread.