Bottom Right Button on Keyboard Dimmed After Using Braille Screen Input



In some apps, the "Go", "Search", or similar button in the bottom right of the keyboard remains dimmed if you have entered text only using Braille Screen Input. You must type a character using the on-screen keyboard before you can activate the button.

For example, in the App Store, open the Search tab and type a search using only Braille Screen Input. Rotor out of BSI and find the "Search" button in the bottom right of your on-screen keyboard; it should be dimmed. If you hit a space, or any other character, on the keyboard and then delete that character, the button will work as expected.

This is not a problem in all apps, only some. It is also not a problem in only third-party apps; I've seen it in the App Store and Voice Dream Reader, for instance.

Bug First Encountered

iOS 8.0 or earlier

Device(s) bug has been encountered on

iPhone 5

How often the bug occurs



As stated, hit any character on the on-screen keyboard (and optionally delete that character) to stop the bottom right button from being dimmed.



Fixed In

iOS 8.3