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Hi, everyone. I was hoping that Braille would be snappier in IOS 8.1.3. I don't think I am imagining things when I say that when using my RefreshaBraille 18, iPhone 5S and IOS 8.1.3, I am finding that Braille entry is quicker to respond. It is still a little sluggish when I am editing. However, when I'm done writing a text, for instance, and want to quickly go to the top, I press the space with dots 3-6 and it zips to the top very quickly. With text entry, it is just about back to where it was in IOS 7.1.2 for me.


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Submitted by Sof on Monday, February 9, 2015


Personally, I still find it very slow when entering text. I tried it with a Nippon Telesoft Mini seika and a HandyTech Braille wave and inputing Braille is painful, letters don't refresh in real time while typing... I've emailed Apple about this problem when iOS 8.0 was released and it's a pity to see it hasn't been corrected yet... :(

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