WWDC 2013 Keynote Highlights

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Below is a list of the major highlights from today's WWDC keynote, compiled from the twitter feed of AppleVis Editorial Team member Michael Hansen. Other sources include the live blogs from Macworld, 9 to 5 Mac, and Mac Rumors.


  • Over 6,000,000 registered devs.
  • 407 Apple stores around the world in 14 countries.
  • 900,000 apps in the App Store. 90% of those apps are downloaded each month.
  • 375,000 iPad-specific apps in the App Store.
  • 575,000,000 App Store accounts.
  • Demo by Anki, co. focusing on robotics and artificial intelligence using iOS apps. Anki Drive: autonomous-driving cars that use BTLE

Mac OS X

  • Mountain Lion: 28 million copies sold. Best selling release of all time. 35% of all Mac users are on ML. http://t.co/FLyGh0MUfS
  • OS X 10.9 named "Mac OS Mavericks"
  • Tagging: You can tag files when you save them. Tag views available in Finder sidebars, great for searching
  • Multiple Displays: Apple TV/TV can act as a separate display, not just for mirroring
  • Mavericks streamlines operations to reduce power consumption.
  • Compressed Memory makes free space available almost instantly to applications under load.
  • Developer preview of Mavericks available today.
  • OS X Mavericks available to the public in the Fall.
  • Safari: - New homepage in Safari. Improved reading list.
  • New feature: Shared links. See shared links from people you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Safari uses less memory than other browsers.
  • New code makes Safari faster and more memory-efficient. 3.8x faster at JavaScript benchmarks, less memory/power use than competition.
  • AppNap: better management of CPU use. Example, when Safari in background, media/ads in Safari no longer dominate processor.
  • iCloud Keychain: iCloud Keychain helps you keep your passwords organized.
  • Safari can auto-suggest passwords when you sign up for services.
  • Password synced across devices.
  • Notifications: - You can reply inside notifications now.
  • You can get app push notifications from iOS devices sent to your Mac.
  • Calendar: - Calendar inspector aware of location, travel time, weather.
  • When creating calendar event, typing "pizza" in event title shows list of nearby pizza places. Knows current location—shows travel time.
  • Maps: - You can create routes on your Mac and send right to your iPhone. Awesome!
  • iBooks: - Access to full library of 1.8 million iBooks on your Mac.


  • Macbook Air: New 11-inch MacBook Air can get 9 hours of battery life.
  • 13 inch MacBook Air gets 12 hours of battery life.
  • 11 inch MacBook Air with 128 GB SSD $999; 13 inch MacBook Air with 128 GB SSD $1,099; shipping starts today.
  • Mac Pro: - New Mac Pro: Flash storage. PCIe, 1.25 GBPs speed. 10X faster than any HD in previous Mac Pros. All expansion is external. Thunderbolt 2.
  • Mac Pro coming later this year; designed and assembled in the USA.

iCloud and iWork

  • iCloud has 300,000,000 accounts; fastest-growing cloud service ever.
  • iWorks iCloud: - iCloud to be integrated into the next version of iWork. Here's hoping for more accessibility improvements in iWork!
  • iWork for iCloud lets you create documents on the browser on Mac or PC.
  • It appears you can edit a Microsoft Word document in Pages for iCloud.
  • Developer beta of iWork on iCloud available starting today.

iOS Stats

  • Sold over 600 million iOS devices.
  • iPhone owners use phone 50% more than Android owners.
  • iOS 2.5x web usage; iPad 4x more than other tablets
  • iPhone named JD Power winner 9 times in a row. iOS satisfaction at 97%. http://t.co/FLyGh0MUfS
  • Over 90% of iOS users are using the latest version of iOS. Stark contrast to Android.
  • Cook: iOS 6 is the world's most popular operating system. Second place is a version of Android released in 2010.

iOS 7

  • iOS 7 the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.
  • iOS 7 has motion-sensing capabilities.
  • Device responds to motion in the user's hand.
  • Weather app: Animated backgrounds reflect current weather. Overview of all cities also acts as world clock.
  • Control Center gives you quick access to key switches - airplane mode, brightness, flashlight, music, etc.
  • iOS 7: Multitasking for all apps - with great battery life.
  • Multitasking incorperates intelligent scheduling.
  • iOS 7: New user interface to move through running apps on your phone.
  • Safari has a great new full-screen look in iOS 7. Smart search field.
  • One-tap access to your favorites, new tabs, parental controls, iCloud keychain all in Safari in iOS 7.
  • Updates apps when phone is on, adapts to network conditions,
  • Can use notifications to give background apps more attention.
  • Side swipe in Safari acts as Back.
  • One-tap access to all favorite sites.
  • OS X shared-links feature here, too.
  • Control Center allows access to do not disturb, flashlight, music, from anyware on the phone.
  • AirDrop is indeed coming to iOS 7.
  • You can share files with people on the same network using AirDrop.
  • AirDrop only appears to be supported on iPad 4 and Mini, 5th Gen iPod Touch, and iPhone 5.
  • New Camera app offers new filters and features.
  • New Photos app uses photo metadata to organize images in "Moments."
  • You can share photo streams now.
  • You can find the most popular apps in the App Store based on your current location.
  • You can now see purchased music from iCloud right in your music library in iOS 7.
  • iOS 7 App Store automatic updates
  • iTunes Radio built right into the music app.
  • in iTunes Radio, Play more songs like this, never play this song, add song to wish list. Can view history of all songs you've listened to, buy tracks, too.
  • iTunes Radio is free, and if you subscribe to iTunes Match, it's add-free too.
  • Facetime audio-only high quality calls in iOS 7.
  • Notifications sync across devices.
  • Phone, Facetime, and message blocking in iOS 7.
  • Activation Lock blocks stolen devices from being reactivated again.
  • iOS 7 Beta is available to developers today!
  • iOS 7 shipping this fall for consumers.
  • Siri: - Siri has a new voice - both female and male. Very natural-sounding.
  • Siri can now play voicemail, control brightness/bluetooth, answer more questions via Twitter integration.
  • Wikipedia integration.

You can read more information about iOS 7 on Apple's official iOS 7 preview page.

Before sharing information or asking specific questions about the beta versions of iOS 7 and OS X, we would ask that you read and follow our rules for discussing beta software.



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