WWDC 2013 Keynote Highlights

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Below is a list of the major highlights from today's WWDC keynote, compiled from the twitter feed of AppleVis Editorial Team member Michael Hansen. Other sources include the live blogs from Macworld, 9 to 5 Mac, and Mac Rumors.


  • Over 6,000,000 registered devs.
  • 407 Apple stores around the world in 14 countries.
  • 900,000 apps in the App Store. 90% of those apps are downloaded each month.
  • 375,000 iPad-specific apps in the App Store.
  • 575,000,000 App Store accounts.
  • Demo by Anki, co. focusing on robotics and artificial intelligence using iOS apps. Anki Drive: autonomous-driving cars that use BTLE

Mac OS X

  • Mountain Lion: 28 million copies sold. Best selling release of all time. 35% of all Mac users are on ML. http://t.co/FLyGh0MUfS
  • OS X 10.9 named "Mac OS Mavericks"
  • Tagging: You can tag files when you save them. Tag views available in Finder sidebars, great for searching
  • Multiple Displays: Apple TV/TV can act as a separate display, not just for mirroring
  • Mavericks streamlines operations to reduce power consumption.
  • Compressed Memory makes free space available almost instantly to applications under load.
  • Developer preview of Mavericks available today.
  • OS X Mavericks available to the public in the Fall.
  • Safari: - New homepage in Safari. Improved reading list.
  • New feature: Shared links. See shared links from people you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Safari uses less memory than other browsers.
  • New code makes Safari faster and more memory-efficient. 3.8x faster at JavaScript benchmarks, less memory/power use than competition.
  • AppNap: better management of CPU use. Example, when Safari in background, media/ads in Safari no longer dominate processor.
  • iCloud Keychain: iCloud Keychain helps you keep your passwords organized.
  • Safari can auto-suggest passwords when you sign up for services.
  • Password synced across devices.
  • Notifications: - You can reply inside notifications now.
  • You can get app push notifications from iOS devices sent to your Mac.
  • Calendar: - Calendar inspector aware of location, travel time, weather.
  • When creating calendar event, typing "pizza" in event title shows list of nearby pizza places. Knows current location—shows travel time.
  • Maps: - You can create routes on your Mac and send right to your iPhone. Awesome!
  • iBooks: - Access to full library of 1.8 million iBooks on your Mac.


  • Macbook Air: New 11-inch MacBook Air can get 9 hours of battery life.
  • 13 inch MacBook Air gets 12 hours of battery life.
  • 11 inch MacBook Air with 128 GB SSD $999; 13 inch MacBook Air with 128 GB SSD $1,099; shipping starts today.
  • Mac Pro: - New Mac Pro: Flash storage. PCIe, 1.25 GBPs speed. 10X faster than any HD in previous Mac Pros. All expansion is external. Thunderbolt 2.
  • Mac Pro coming later this year; designed and assembled in the USA.

iCloud and iWork

  • iCloud has 300,000,000 accounts; fastest-growing cloud service ever.
  • iWorks iCloud: - iCloud to be integrated into the next version of iWork. Here's hoping for more accessibility improvements in iWork!
  • iWork for iCloud lets you create documents on the browser on Mac or PC.
  • It appears you can edit a Microsoft Word document in Pages for iCloud.
  • Developer beta of iWork on iCloud available starting today.

iOS Stats

  • Sold over 600 million iOS devices.
  • iPhone owners use phone 50% more than Android owners.
  • iOS 2.5x web usage; iPad 4x more than other tablets
  • iPhone named JD Power winner 9 times in a row. iOS satisfaction at 97%. http://t.co/FLyGh0MUfS
  • Over 90% of iOS users are using the latest version of iOS. Stark contrast to Android.
  • Cook: iOS 6 is the world's most popular operating system. Second place is a version of Android released in 2010.

iOS 7

  • iOS 7 the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.
  • iOS 7 has motion-sensing capabilities.
  • Device responds to motion in the user's hand.
  • Weather app: Animated backgrounds reflect current weather. Overview of all cities also acts as world clock.
  • Control Center gives you quick access to key switches - airplane mode, brightness, flashlight, music, etc.
  • iOS 7: Multitasking for all apps - with great battery life.
  • Multitasking incorperates intelligent scheduling.
  • iOS 7: New user interface to move through running apps on your phone.
  • Safari has a great new full-screen look in iOS 7. Smart search field.
  • One-tap access to your favorites, new tabs, parental controls, iCloud keychain all in Safari in iOS 7.
  • Updates apps when phone is on, adapts to network conditions,
  • Can use notifications to give background apps more attention.
  • Side swipe in Safari acts as Back.
  • One-tap access to all favorite sites.
  • OS X shared-links feature here, too.
  • Control Center allows access to do not disturb, flashlight, music, from anyware on the phone.
  • AirDrop is indeed coming to iOS 7.
  • You can share files with people on the same network using AirDrop.
  • AirDrop only appears to be supported on iPad 4 and Mini, 5th Gen iPod Touch, and iPhone 5.
  • New Camera app offers new filters and features.
  • New Photos app uses photo metadata to organize images in "Moments."
  • You can share photo streams now.
  • You can find the most popular apps in the App Store based on your current location.
  • You can now see purchased music from iCloud right in your music library in iOS 7.
  • iOS 7 App Store automatic updates
  • iTunes Radio built right into the music app.
  • in iTunes Radio, Play more songs like this, never play this song, add song to wish list. Can view history of all songs you've listened to, buy tracks, too.
  • iTunes Radio is free, and if you subscribe to iTunes Match, it's add-free too.
  • Facetime audio-only high quality calls in iOS 7.
  • Notifications sync across devices.
  • Phone, Facetime, and message blocking in iOS 7.
  • Activation Lock blocks stolen devices from being reactivated again.
  • iOS 7 Beta is available to developers today!
  • iOS 7 shipping this fall for consumers.
  • Siri: - Siri has a new voice - both female and male. Very natural-sounding.
  • Siri can now play voicemail, control brightness/bluetooth, answer more questions via Twitter integration.
  • Wikipedia integration.

You can read more information about iOS 7 on Apple's official iOS 7 preview page.

Before sharing information or asking specific questions about the beta versions of iOS 7 and OS X, we would ask that you read and follow our rules for discussing beta software.

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ios 7 missing some important features I think

After looking at the new features of IOS 7, a few things are missing that I was hoping Apple might have considered. Perhaps some of these are there and were just not mentioned, or these could be things Apple will never include because of the experience they want to provide. I will list what I think is missing and state why I think they are good features to include. Of course, this is just my opinion, these may not matter to some people and that's fine. No built in file management. Just about every other operating system, whether mobile or desktop provides a way to browse the files and folders on your device and change them. IOS 7 still has no built in file manager, and no support for USB mass storage or media transfer protocol. I think there is an app you can get that helps with some of this, and the air drop may make this a bit easier, but still transferring content from a computer to an IOS device is more difficult than it needs to be. With Android for example, many devices support mass storage, and those that do not have a memory card slot support media transfer protocol, or you can install an app that lets the device show up on your network like any other drive. No option to change default apps. As far as I know, there is no way to change what app will be the default when doing things like clicking links or opening files in other applications. For example, you can install other browsers, but you cannot set them as the default. On operating systems such as android and the mac, this can easily be changed. Apple does not allow you to change the default keyboard used for typing. While you can install other keyboards such as fleksy, you must go in to the application and type what you want, then choose to send a text message, send email, or copy the text to paste in another program. In Android for example, you can install and set other keyboards as the default. I'm currently beta testing fleksy for android, and if I set it as the default, I can use it to type in any application. You can also dictate within fleksy for android if you wish since any keyboard has access to android's voice recognition service. I was also hoping Apple would have opened up the way text to speech is handled, but this does not appear to be the case. It's good that they added a male voice, probably Tom. However, the same restrictions still apply as far as I know. First, developers are not permitted to use the voices that IOS already has. This means that if an application wants to provide text to speech, aside from voiceover, the application must license and include its own TTS engine. So, for example, let's say you have the read to go app, the motionx GPS app and the blindsquare app installed. You would most likely have 3 copies of the same Acapela TTS on your device, taking at least an extra 100 MB on your device. If Apple allowed developers to use the built in voices, this would not be necessary. Similarly, Apple does not allow you to install new system wide voices. Speech is very subjective, but if you wanted to use Acapela for example with voiceover, this is not possible because of Apple's restrictions. With operating systems like the mac and Android, any application is free to use the voices provided, and you can install third party TTS engines such as Acapela and Ivona, and they are available for screen readers, or any other application that wants to use them. To be required to have more than one copy of a voice on a device is a waste of space, especially when it offers no benefit to the user. IOS is certainly very accessible, but I am a bit disappointed that Apple has not opened things up a bit for developers and provided access to file management. I'm not saying Android is perfect, it isn't, but it does include some major things that I think the newest version of IOS is still lacking.

Sadly but true

Im happy for the features in iOS 7, new look, redesigned vut honestly just for business and professional. That's true they give 10 new features at iOS 7 All of them very cool but don't mention any accessibility feature, the only that could be is Siri, new voices more human female and male as well for France voices, vut it will mean New default voices to voiceOver? Notification Center What does it mean? I hate when try compair platforms If you didn't know iOS Fons this a copy of android platform Believe or not All rest 200,000 features in each iOS rrealise and 900,000 apps to the App Store could be beneficial for our community.

Accessibility is rarely mentioned.

Marco, accessibility is rarely mentioned on a release, they have developers in a comforence that want the whole new update, accessibility is far down on the list. Steve Jobs never said anything, Tim Cook seems to apply the same principle. We don't know if there are other features that aren't discussed yet, we don't know if someone will tell Apple, we want, insert idea, and it will be implimented. As for the first commenter, it sounds like you would like some attributes of a jail broken device, wherein you can choose to put things on your phone where you want them. If i'm right, then I don't know that Apple will ever give you the access you would like from them. Just my two cents. The only good I saw coming out of all this was they finally ended support for the 3GS As I still have the Four, I'll see how that runs before rushing out for the five, and siri, and other goodies like that.

comments on WWDC

From what I heard yesterday during the WWDC keynote, I liked a lot of the features, but my 2 big faves are control center...I'm gonna love being able to turn features on and off at will. That's something I've been wanting for a while. Also, the new Siri voices! They are awesome and I seriously hope they make their way to VoiceOver, but we won't know that for a while yet so we'll just need to hang in there. I'm guessing these are the new Vocalizer Expressive voices, which sound almost human! They're really good. The one feature that does concern me a tiny little bit is this business of auto-updating apps. I'm hoping that that's able to be toggled or we might find ourselves with an update of an app that loses some accessibility. But again, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. We'll all know more this fall.