VoiceOver features in iOS 6: disabling VoiceOver sounds

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team

After my first and second posts concerning VoiceOver new features, it's time to mention one more feature.

I know how useful VoiceOver sounds are. They're used to signal the move from one control to adjacent ones, notify users of a focus switch, and so forth. However, the more one becomes familiar with iOS and VoiceOver, the more these sounds get in the way of using the device. As far as I'm concerned, they can really be annoying when reading continuously.

So I suggest that a setting be added to VoiceOver under Accessibility settings which would allow us to disable VoiceOver sounds. It can also be added to the Rotor for ease of access. I know that one can get rid of these sounds by switching to the Silent or Mute mode, but this way all sounds and alarms which have nothing to do with VoiceOver are disabled and that's not desirable.