Users experiencing issues updating 5th-gen iPod touch to iOS 6.1

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Hello everyone,

We want to make sure that all iTouch 5th Generation device owners know there have been reports of problems updating to iOS 6.1.

Unfortunately, one of our team members was unable to update their iPod Touch 5th Generation to iOS 6.1 using iTunes, eventually leaving the device in an unusable state. There are many more users that are also experiencing this problem. At this time there are no good solutions we can offer other than calling your Apple store to make an appointment if your device is in an unusable state after trying to update.

We have not had any problems with any other models including the other generations of the iTouch. There are a few folks out there that have taken the leap to upgrade their iTouch 5th Generation and had no issues but many more did not have that same luck.

Here is an article confirming our findings, via AppleInsider.

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#1 iPod touch 5th gen and IOS 6.1

Hi all, I know for me, I had this exact problem as described. My iPod touch 5th gen was the only device out of my three that would not update. I called apple-they made an appointment for meto go to my local apple store. However, right after I ended the call, I hung up the phone and tried over the air update one more time. It worked with no issues. My advice to 5th gen touch users keep trying. It worked eventually.

#2 Not an iPod User myself, but…

I would like to say that I think the advice offered above is very important. The first few hours to a day or so after a new software update is released, everyone under the sun is trying to get it. This is not the first time strange issues have come up, I remember a huge kerfuffle over iOS 5. It isn't essential that you get the update immediately, wait a little while and try again. I'm willing to bet it will work for many of you.

#3 Aggreement

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Yes, I must agree with the posters above. I only simply wanted to advise people that it wasn't just their devices and other had issues in updating. At some point one would assume it would be safe to proceed. This has to be and only can be your choice to do so. We don't want to advise anyone that they can't nor do we want to say you can. So I can only hope everyone has a good experience with their update. I personally think the update is worth doing. It has fixed quite a few things for me and I am grateful ffor that. So good luck.