TapTapSee becomes a paid service

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
TapTapSee, an app which has been free since its release over a year ago, has now begun to role out a paid service. According to it’s Twitter feed and website, Users can choose from either a monthly subscription of $9.99 with no limit to the amount of images one can submit,, or they can pay $7.99 for 100 pictures. The 100 picture count does not have a time limit. Some users are still reporting that they can use the service for free, but others are being prompted to pay up once they attempt to submit an image. I do think the monthly rate is a bit high, but find charging by the amount of images to be reasonable. While many people may complain that this service is no longer free, this is something I find worth supporting. Instead of going away entirely, at least now I can still use the service. And, it’s one I find worth supporting. Not only because of the use I get from it now, but also for all of the free images it has recognized for me in the past. In my view, this move was a good one for both the company, and overall for the blindness community. When the choice is to either shut the service down, or to start charging for the work that is done, I certainly prefer the latter option. So what are your thoughts? Do you find TapTapSee worth supporting like I do? Or do you feel this is not an app worth supporting now that it will cost money?



Submitted by Doug on Friday, November 8, 2013