Syntellia offering Fleksy to developers for integration into third-party applications

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Fleksy is getting better on an almost daily basis as its betas reach testers. It's pushed my bluetooth keyboard to the sidelines and while it would be better if we could bring it up in each and every application instantly instead of typing in a separate application (if Apple had allowed it), that might not be quite far-off. Syntellia has made Fleksy's SDK available to developers, meaning they can integrate it into their products. Also, the first few developers that apply for the SDK will get it free of charge. So imagine being able to utilize it in typing-heavy applications such as IM apps or note-takers. I hope someone at Apple sees this fantastic app and a decision is made to integrate it in VoiceOver for use in all apps when VoiceOver is enabled. That way, Fleksy could become visible or invisible via a Rotor gesture.