Possible Accessibility Bugs for VoiceOver Users in iOS 7

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

IMPORTANT: we need to stress that as recently as this morning, the Apple Accessibility Team was unable to replicate most of the problems listed below. This could be because there have been changes made to iOS since the Gold Master version which was used by us when testing for problems. It could also simply be operator error on our part, or local and specific problems caused by external factors not related to iOS. This means that it is possible that you will not encounter all of the problems mentioned in this post if you update to iOS 7.

Most significantly, Apple has completely failed to replicate the first problem that we mention, which we believed could be the most serious. An experienced member of our Team has also failed to replicate this problem, despite testing on multiple devices.
This leaves us in a quandary, as we most certainly do not want to be posting inaccurate and misleading information. This would do us no credit, offer no value to the community, and be a disservice to the hard work of Apple's Accessibility Team.
However, having said all of this, we have decided to still post this list in its original, unedited form, as some of us are able to consistently replicate most of the problems. If these turn out not to be present in the public release of iOS 7, the worst that can happen is that we end up with some egg on our faces. It wouldn't be the first time. We hope, however, that by posting this information we will give some people the opportunity to at least delay updating a little if they want to wait and see what others report once the final version of iOS 7 is widely available.
So, here are our findings:
Detailed in this post are accessibility-specific bugs which members of the AppleVis Editorial Team have identified during their testing of iOS 7. If you have not already updated your iDevice to iOS 7, we would strongly recommend that you read through this post and any comments before doing so, as we believe that there are a number of bugs which might have a significant impact on the user experience for some VoiceOver users.
However, we do need to stress that our testing has been limited - only four of our Team have had access to iOS 7 as beta testers, and each of those have only installed and used it on a single device. As a consequence, it is possible that problems mentioned below will not be present on all iDevices. It is also possible that we are simply mistaken. To help with the latter, we would really appreciate feedback from those who have installed iOS 7, to confirm whether they are encountering the same problems (or have found workarounds).
Additionally, there are some problems mentioned below which have not been encountered by all of our Team. Some of our Team only use the touchscreen to interact with their iDevice, whilst others rely more on Braille displays and bluetooth keyboards.
Essentially, what we are saying, is that this list is not likely to be definitive or accurate. Some further problems are likely to be identified once more VoiceOver users have access to iOS 7. As we said earlier, it's also possible that we are simply mistaken. If that is the case, we will be thrilled. We are all VoiceOver users, so will be more than happy to find out that there are less problems in iOS 7 than we thought.
With all of the disclaimers out of the way, here are the problems that we have encountered to date:

1. Increased touchscreen sensitivity causing problems when trying to navigate and interact with your iDevice

This is probably the most serious problem that we have identified - not only because it gets in the way of reliably interacting with your iDevice, but because it can cause problems right across the whole of iOS.
Although we cannot be certain of the cause, there is enough to suggest that Apple may have made a change in iOS 7 which has increased the sensitivity of the touchscreen.
The result for VoiceOver users, is that the approach of your finger to the screen can cause the device to replicate the last gesture that you made. For example, if you are flicking right through a list, simply moving your finger close to the screen will be enough to cause VoiceOver focus to act as if you had made another flick, so it will move to the next item in the list.
We first became aware of this problem when simply flicking through pages on the Home screen. Having flicked up to move to the next page, we would regularly find that the device would jump a further page or 2 in the split second just before we touched the screen to locate an icon.
After some testing, we found that we didn't need to actually touch the screen for this last part to happen. Flick up to move to the next Home screen page, and then bring your finger within a couple of millimeters of the screen. At this point, the device would jump to the next page. It is even possible to jump multiple pages by moving your finger away from the screen and then back close again.
At this point, you might be thinking that this problem is at best entertaining, at worst it is no more than mildly irritating.
However, there are areas within iOS where this behavior becomes far more intrusive and can present a barrier to doing some fairly basic, but important, tasks. At it's very worst, you cannot be totally sure that your iDevice has just done what you intended.
For example, when editing text - you may want to move to a specific location in the text and are using the rotor to help you. This is set to character, word, line or paragraph. You swipe to the position that you want. Then, in that split second before your finger touchs the onscreen keyboard, your device will jump focus one more place in the direction that you had previously been swiping. Even correcting a simple spelling mistake in an iMessage now becomes an irritating process.
So far, this behavior has been seen when moving through icons on the Home screen, when moving through pages (on the Home screen, on the emoticons keyboard, etc), when moving through lists, when moving through text, and generally when moving through elements in many apps.
This problem has been reported on the iPhone 5 and on the iPhone 4S (to a lesser extent on the latter). It is not something that we had seen prior to installing iOS 7. It is possible, however, that it is specific to certain devices. At this point, we simply do not know how widespread this problem will be.
If you have already installed iOS 7, there is a quick way to see if you can replicate what we have seen - go to your Home screen, locate the first icon and swipe right once or twice. Now, slowly bring your finger to within a couple of millimeters of the screen. Does this cause VoiceOver focus to jump to the next icon on the Home screen?
We did wonder if the cases on our iPhones had been a factor in this behavior, but see the same when using them without a case.
As we say, this is potentially the most significant problem that we have identified in iOS 7. However, only 2 of us use the touchscreen on our iDevices, so it is possible that this might not be a widespread problem.
So, if you have installed iOS 7, do please let us know if you are seeing the same behavior, so that we can determine if this is a common problem.
This is potentially the most serious problem in iOS 7, so we have covered it in some detail. The rest of the bugs will be described more briefly.

2. Problems when using Braille Displays

The state of the "virtual keyboard" is unreliable and can sometimes get in the way. When in a note in the Notes app, we were unable to get the onscreen keyboard to come up. Pressing space with dots 1-4-6 would not change this setting, it would only speak the status of the setting. Further, when in a text message window, the virtual keyboard would come up either way after entering a letter on a Bluetooth keyboard or Braille display. (Reported on iPod Touch 5 using a Braille Edge, Braillenote Apex BT, and Refreshabraille 18.)
Pressing space with dots 2-3-5-6 is supposed to activate the select all command, but it no longer does. (reported on iPod Touch 5 using the Braille Edge, BrailleNote Apex, Focus 14 Blue, and Refreshabraille 18.)

3. Messaging - loss of accessibility after adding a contact

When composing a new message, if you use the 'Add Contact' button to select the recipient, you will not be able to swipe further down the page to the Attach Media button, the message field or the Send button. The only solution is to locate these with your finger. You will need to do this even if you are using a bluetooth keyboard or a Braille Display. This problem does not occur if you type in the To field and then select a Contact from the dynamic list that will be displayed as you type. (Reported on iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5.)

4. Phone - missing information on Favorites tab

When browsing Contacts on the Favorites tab, VoiceOver will not announce the specified location/device of that Contact (for example; Home, Work, Mobile, etc.). So, if you have multiple entries on this page for the same Contact, there is no way to distinguish between them. This information is visually displayed on the page, but not recognized or announced by VoiceOver. (Reported on iPhone 5.)

5. Folder badges not announced by VoiceOver

Folder badges are not announced by VoiceOver. So, if an app in that folder has a badge indicating new items, you will only know by going into the folder and locating the app icon. (Reported on iPhone 5 and iPod 5.)

6. Inconsistent and unreliable feedback from VoiceOver when selecting multiple messages in the Mail app

When selecting multiple email messages (for deletion, moving or marking), if you select a message and then flick left or right, you will occasionally find that VoiceOver will announce "Selected" followed by the details of the email that you have just selected (much like you had just swiped onto that message). However, focus has in fact moved to the next or previous email in the list. Double-tapping at this point would select that message rather than unselect the one that VoiceOver has indicated that its focus is on. (reported on iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5.)

7. Cannot navigate web pages by Headings in Safari

When navigating a web page by Headings, you may find that VoiceOver focus will skip back to earlier Headings as you try to move through the page. The AppleVis home page is a prime example of where this has been encountered. This is not new in iOS 7, as it was a widely reported problem in iOS 6. (Reported on iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5.)

8. Various App Store problems

VoiceOver focus can be a little inconsistent on app pages in the App Store. At times elements are not read in their correct sequential order as you swipe through the page, and occasionally focus will jump back to an earlier element when you are swiping right. (Reported on iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5.)
When viewing the reviews page for an app in the App Store, VoiceOver may jump straight from the App Support button to the Featured button on the bottom menu, skipping the actual reviews. You need to do a 3-fingered swipe up and then locate the reviews with your finger to force VoiceOver focus onto them. You will then be able to swipe through the reviews, although VoiceOver may not always find all the of other page elements when you swipe back up the page. (Reported on iPhone 5.)
When viewing the Featured tab, VoiceOver focus does not move correctly or predictably if you swipe left onto the page from the bottom menu bar. Swiping left from the bottom menu bar does not take you to the last item on the Featured tab. Instead, you are taken to what appears to be a random spot on the page. Focus will rarely go to the same spot if you repeat this procedure. This problem does not occur if the bottom part of the screen is visually being displayed at the time. (Reported on iPhone 5.)
When deleting text from the search field in the App Store, you may find that VoiceOver does not announce the letters as you delete them. This appears to be an intermittent problem, and not one that we have found a way to consistently replicate. (Reported on iPhone 5.)
It's worth noting that App Store content is generated dynamically, so as such is not part of iOS. This means that changes and fixes can be made at any time without the need for an update to iOS itself.

9. No feedback when reordering lists in the Reminders app

If you have multiple lists, you will find that these are now referred to as a 'Stack'. The order of the lists can be changed by doing a 1-fingered double-tap and hold on the list name, and then moving your finger either up or down the screen and then lifting your finger from the screen. This will move the list, but VoiceOver provides no feedback that this action is available or that anything is happening when you are doing it. There is not the usual 'Moved above ListName'. (Reported on iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5.)

10. Missing hints on Lock Screen

When tapping the Status Bar on the Lock Screen, VoiceOver hints tell you that a 3-fingered swipe up will open the Control Center, but does not say that a 3-fingered swipe down will open the Notifications Center. (Reported on iPhone 5.)

11. Poor accessibility of 'Popular Apps Nearby' in Apple Maps

When viewing the information for a location in Apple Maps (for example by double-tapping on the 'More Info' button that appears next to a location in a directions list) you will see a section titled 'Popular Apps Nearby'. Double-tapping on one of these apps will load what appears to be the App Store entry for that app. VoiceOver does not recognize all of the elements on this page and reads some out of the usual order. Most significantly, the description of the app is not read. (Reported on iPhone 5)

12. Random resetting of Inverted Colors

If you have your device set to use inverted colors, you may find that this is occasionally reset to the default colors. There appears to be no pattern to this and we have been unable to find a way to replicate this behavior. (Reported on iPhone 5.)

13. VoiceOver problem in Music Settings

If you have iTunes Match disabled, you can only flick as far as that toggle switch in the list of settings. At this point flicking any further will cause VoiceOver focus to loop back on itself. This happens whichever way you approach this toggle switch - either by flicking from above or below in the list.
It would appear that there is an element on this page which is intended to provide more information on the iTunes Match service if it is not enabled, and this is effectively blocking VoiceOver users from being able to flick any further. (Reported on iPhone 5.)

14. Siri asking for a response before it has finished reading back your initial command

In situations where your command to Siri requires that you give a further response, Siri can sometimes reactivate before the TTS voice has finished reading back your initial command.
For example, the exchange should go like this:
You: "Text Mom, Hi."
Siri: "Your Message to Mom says, "Hi." Ready to send it?"
Siri automatically activates and you reply, "Yes."
Except, sometimes, the message isn't read aloud and Siri just reactivates:
You: "Text Mom, Hi."
Siri: "Your message to Mom says..." then it reactivates for your response without telling you what it has for the message.
This happens in other areas, such as setting and turning on/off alarms, etc.


If you encounter any accessibility bugs in iOS 7 (either those mentioned above or additional ones), it is extremely important that you report them directly to Apple's Accessibility Team at accessibility@apple.com.

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Confirmation for 1, 6, and 7

I have an iPhone 5, AT&T, 32GB running the GM of iOS 7 and I can confirm bugs 1, 6, and 7. Bug 1 is really annoying. It makes it quite hard at times to insure you are actually where you think you are.

Additional iOS 7 Bugs.

Hi, I am running the Goldmaster version of iOS 7 and have also been able to replicate bug number 1. In addition, I have found the following bugs, I used an iPhone 4S and a 4th generation iPad for testing: 1. The initial position of the VO cursor after waking the device by pressing the Home or Power buttons is inconsistent, sometimes it is on the clock but it is often also on a notification, or on the "Unlock" or "Open Camera" buttons. The VO cursor should always initially be on the clock. 2. On the lock screen status bar, VO lands on the spot normally occupied by the clock when swiping left and right to move between the status bar elements or by touching the status bar to the left of the battery percentage indicator, however, since the clock is actually not part of the status bar on the lock screen, VO only identifies the empty spot as "status bar item". This empty spot should be skipped by VO entirely. 3. I frequently wake my device and touch the screen without unlocking it to have VO read me my notifications, however, sometimes the screen will turn off and the device will go back to sleep before VO is done reading a long notification, such as an email preview. The device should not be allowed to go back to sleep until VO has finished reading the selected item; this issue appeared with iOS 6 and it is still present on iOS 7, on iOS 5 it was never a problem. 4. On the lock screen, when performing a three-finger single tap, if the VO cursor is anywhere but on the clock, it announces it is on "page two of two". In reality there is only one lock screen page, VO says this because a three-finger flick right will unlock the device, however, this doesn't mean that it is on page two. Likewise, when performing the three-finger flick right, VO says it moved to "page one of two" and plays the scrolling sound effect instead of saying "enter passcode" or "unlocking device" or something like that. 5. On the passcode screen to unlock the device, when touching the "0", VO speaks the hint "hold to enter the + symbol"; this hint might have been intended for the keypad on the Phone app but it shouldn't be present on the passcode screen. By the way, holding the "0" in the Phone app does not enter the + symbol either; to enter it you actually need to double tap and hold. 6. For easier usability, there should be no empty space between the status bar and the upper edge of the screen, i.e., the area that VO recognizes as belonging to the status bar items should reach all the way to the top of the screen. This would make it much easier to move the VO cursor to the status bar. This should also be the case on the lower edge of the screen in the lock screen, the area corresponding to the "unlock" and "open camera" buttons should reach all the way to the bottom. 7. As you know, when listening to a podcast, the "previous track" and "next track" buttons on the lock screen and Control Center music controls are instead used to perform a "15 second rewind" and "15 second fast-forward"; the problem arises when listening to a regular song after having listened to a podcast. The "15 second rewind" button is propperly labeled back as "previous track", however, the "15 second fast-forward" button retains that label, it is necessary to restart the device to restore the "next track" label. 8. The "track position" control on the lock screen and Control Center music controls is not accessible with VO enabled; swiping up or down does not change the position of the track that is currently being played. 9. Both on the lock screen and in Notification Center, VO does not read the email subject in a notification, it just reads the name of the sender and the message preview. VO always read the subject in previous iOS versions, I really miss this. 10. When in Control Center, pressing the Home Button makes it go away from the screen, however, swiping left or right on the screen after pressing the Home button (without touching the screen with a single tap first) will move the VO cursor between the Control Center items (even though they are actually no longer visible on the screen). In fact, the toggles and shortcuts can still be activated with a double tap. Pressing the Home button should move the VO cursor to the first item that is actually visible on the screen after Control Center is dismissed. 11. Inside Notification Center, instead of saying that an email or message was received "one day ago", VO says "days.ago.singular". 12. Everywhere in iOS, but particularly on the lock screen, in Notification Center and in the Mail app, the VO cursor sometimes moves erratically when swiping left and right, i.e. instead of moving to the previous or next item, it moves to random places on the screen. Also, when listening to VO read an email inside the Mail app or a notification in Notification Center, the VO cursor sometimes randomly moves to a different spot without swiping or touching the screen, thus leaving the portion that is being read unfinished. 13. In the Mail app, when composing a message, the VO cursor will land on the CC and BCC text fields when swiping left and right between the page elements although these text fields are actually not initially visible on the screen; on previous iOS versions these text fields only became accessible after double tapping the "CC/BCC, From:" control. 14. When composing a new email in the Mail app, typing the first few letters of a recipient's name in the "to:", "CC:" or "BCC:" text fields displays a dropdown list with recipient name suggestions from your contacts. On an iPad, this dropdown list cannot be accessed or navigated by swiping left and right; it is necessary to directly touch each name for VO to read it. On an iPhone, the list can be accessed by swiping but VO frequently gets stuck on a name, after which, swiping doesn't move you anywhere. 15. In the Notes app, each individual note in the notes list is labeled as a "button"; this is not exactly a bug but it's an inconsistency, since, for example, the email messages in the Mail app or the songs in the Music app are not labeled as buttons. 16. In the Weather app, VO sometimes gets stuck inside the hourly or daily forecasts; it is necessary to turn off VO and turn it back on to be able to move between the two sections again. 17. When reordering apps inside a folder, VO will announce that the app you are moving is sometimes on top of another. Actually, it is impossible to place apps on other apps inside a folder because doing so would create a folder within a folder. When inside a folder, VO should just announce the position of the app you are moving, for example, row 2, column 3. 18. On an iPad, when inside a folder with more than one page of apps, swiping left and right will cause the VO cursor to incorrectly move between apps in different pages instead of staying on the visible page. This does not happen on an iPhone. 19. I've had several issues when using VO with a bluetooth keyboard, for example: a. Entering the passcode on the keyboard to unlock the device sometimes will not work when VO is enabled. b. The Home key on the keyboard (which should do the same thing as pressing the device's Home button) will sometimes stop working completely. c. I have the Accessibility Shortcut (triple click Home) set to toggle VO on and off, this never works with a keyboard and it used to work just fine on previous iOS versions. d. Waking the device by pressing the Home or Power keys on the keyboard should do the exact same thing as pressing the Home or Power buttons on the device, i.e., it should show the lock screen. Instead, it immediately takes you to the passcode screen. Regards!

have you told apple about the bugs?

Hi. Has the applevis teem sent this list of possable bugs to apple so they can investigate them and try to fix them in later versions of iOS 7.x?

Appple are aware

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Jessica, Yes, Apple have a copy of our list. Of course, as I said above, it is now very important that people who are seeing these problems or other ones do let Apple know. The more information that they have, the easier it is for them to isolate and fix any problem.


seriously they haven't squashed the headings issue? That is unbelieveable. It has me wondering how committed they are to making a solid product? I know it's just one bug, but wow. Why even bother to write apple if they don't fix the bugs? It's been what 2 years for this one?

A few confirmations

iPod 5, iOS 7 GM I was able to partially reproduce #1, but only when I was flipping springboard pages and only if I did in a few seconds of a swipe on the page control. I also managed to reproduce it with a flick to another icon, but only once. As far as Siri, in addition to your findings, frequently, siri's responces will be interrupted with VoiceOver saying "listen button". It seems to happen less if you start siri listening by tapping the button rather than holding home, but obviously this is only possible after having first opened it the usual way. In addition, Voiceover focus will not move away from the listen button to the conversation log or any visual results Siri might display if you flick, so you first need to put your finger on the top of the screen to find them. Another glitch, If you mute speech and then cause VoiceOver to make a sound, it will duck the audio for a second. This was not the case with iOS 6, but it only seems to happen with sounds on.

Replicated 1

I have an iPhone 5 and I was able to replicate bug number 1 immediately and consistently. On the bright side I'm finally able to post a comment on appleVis using my phone. Haven't been able to do that in a long time.

To Mr. David Goodwin

Hello David. I just downloaded your podcast on the possible bugs that people are seeing with voice over. With your permission, I would like to send this audio demonstration to apple's accessibility team so they can hear for themselves what is going on. I will also like your permission to send the text bug list to the accessibility team along with the audio demonstration. Please let me know if I am able to do this. I want your permission before I do this. Thank you.

Apple already have our findings

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Jay, The Accessibility Team at Apple already have the text of our bug report and my audio demonstration, so there is no need to pass those along. However, as I keep stressing, do please be sure to let them know details of any bugs that you have found (even those they might already know about).

#1 confirmed

I am running the IOS that came out today, not GM. I was able to replicate the first bug listed, but I really had to try to get it to happen. swiping down on the roter caused it, but, again, I had to really try.

VoiceOver bugs

If there are this many bugs in voiceOver what does Apple Vis recommend in terms of upgrading? Is it better to upgrade in a few weeks?

bus in iOS 7

another couple of bugs i've found is when a message sends in siri it plays the sent sound before siri prompts you that it's sending the message. I also found that siri sometimes doesn't respond to post to facebook. it beeps like it took the command, and instead of saying ok, i can post a message to facebook for you, what would you like it to say? it reactivates like your suppose to post. I noticed this running on an iPhone 5.

Touch Keyboard Issues

I looked at the list of potential bugs, and haven't found the one I'm about to post. Let's see if anyone else can reproduce. first, the specs: iOS 7.0 11A465 iPhone 4S Try to duplicate the following: 1. Compose a message, e-mail, or anything that needs letters put in. 2. Hold your finger on a letter and wait for the alternate characters to appear. 3. Try to move to another letter. If attempting to move to another letter, nothing happens. The only thing to do is release your finger and correct the mistake you made and be quick about finding the letters, numbers, or punctuation. Happy hunting!

confirmation of bug 1 and other bugs which I found

Hello, I've been able to confirm the first bug on the list, and, this is not a VO bug. This actually affects sighted users as well. They seem to be having a similar issue with the sensitivity of the touch screen. I did, however, find other bugs. When tapping on the status bar, you need to move your finger right away, once you hear the info you want, or else it'll launch the notification center. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or a new feature. Another issue I found, which is the only one I really find some what annoying, is the issue in which VoiceOver thinks there are two text fields in some apps. For example, the Facebook app. When writing a comment on a status, it may say, "Text field, is editing." When you flick to the right of that, it'll say, "Text field. (text inserted in previous text field) Double tap to edit." It says this with a lower pitch. If you double tap on this, using the navigation gestures to navigate the text is impossible. It'll navigate through the text as chunks that make no sense what so ever.

another siri bug i've found and wrote to apple about

hello all, yet another bug I've found in Siri on my iPhone five, when i go to settings general Siri, sometimes I've noticed that the gender option disappears. if i disable Siri, and then reenable it the gender option comes back for a few minutes, when i go to change it vo crashes, and then doesn't change the voice. when i go back in to that area of settings after this recovery with VO Siri has had the gender option disappear again. can anyone else confirm this?

Goldmaster and Public are the same.

Hi guys, Just thought I'd let you know that I performed a fresh restore on my iPad with the publicly available version of iOS 7 and the build number is exactly the same as the Goldmaster, 11A465. This means that there are absolutely no differences between the Goldmaster and the public release, therefore, the bugs found on the Goldmaster will also be present for everyone updating today. Regards!

Go ahead and upgrade.

It isn't likely that iOS 7.0.1 will see the light of day before mid November. All these bugs are minor annoiances, nothing that would make the device unusable; I say you upgrade and learn to live with the bugs while Apple takes care of them. Regards!

It is my worry that the Apple

It is my worry that the Apple accessibility team sometimes gets arrogant and lazy. Even if we report these problems… It is going to take persistence, persistence, persistence to actually get them to take a look at it. The Safari bug everybody if not most everybody has been experiencing in the latest version of mountain lion took me two or three weeks to get them to admit that it was indeed a bug. I've heard many reports of people emailing Apple accessibility… And then being rather dismissive and saying that they "can't replicate the problems on their computer "only after me telling them that I was able to reproduce the problem on the computer in an Apple Store today take my issue seriously. In reality they could've just checked the first time I emailed them… Things would've moved along much quicker. I understand that fixing a bug can be a very cumbersome problem so that's the last thing they want to admit… But with this many issues… It's really important things get cleared up as to what is actually going on. Sometimes I get the feeling that they don't take these bug reports seriously and don't even try in a truly scientific fashion to replicate them. Having said that… I have been able to reproduce some of the screen sensitivity issues discussed, as well as folders not announcing badges, and I believe I have may have experienced the Siri bug earlier today.

bug #1

I'm running IPod 5, just updated to IOS 7, & I cannot replicate.

very important bug

hi. I noticed that the voices in ios haven't changed but that there have been added some high quality new ones. but with the Romanian voice things are different. now I have a very nasty voice. it's almost impossible to understand. I hate it. and if I enable the high quality one it's worse. what should I do?

Same for the norwegian voice!

Same for the norwegian voice! This is a disaster! I was smart enough to have my girlfriend update first, so I could try out a few things before updating myself. And I'm very happy I did just that, cause the new norwegian voice is almost unusable... It's lisping worse than a *** now, both the compact and the premium. And the compact, that I used to use because of way to many pronunciation errors in the premium, is now more or less completely flat in pitch... Man, I'm disappointed... I sent a mail to apple yesterday regarding this, but haven't gotten any reply back yet. But guess they have their hands full at the moment...

this is why i'm leaving

hi all, this is exactly what i've been talking about with apple. accessibility has seemed to fall asleep on the job, and not woken up. I am going to probably go to an android phone come february so i can get rid of the bugs.

betatesters job...

Hi, I am glad i did not upgrade.. not to be critic, but did betatesters signal these bugs during these months? it is quite improbable that they showed up in the last candidate release..


Just a quick comment to Brandon Armstrong; there are bugs no matter which platform you go with. It's down to personal preference, but please don't expect to switch to Android and be bug-free. One thing I've noticed about VO is that it seems to lag quite a bit in certain places; for example, locking and unlocking the screen. I've tried the usual things... closing apps, switching to the compact voice, turning on the motion setting. The lag isn't significant enough to cause issues when using the phone, but it's something I noticed and wondered if others noticed it too.


hi there, I was not expecting to be bug free, but it just seems to me as if google and talkback is getting it, and taking bug reports very seriously. as to voiceover lagging, yes, I to have noticed this issue on the iPhone even when you turn on reduce motion.

i think i found an other bug

after updating I don't receive notifications coming from what'sapp. when I enter what'sapp it says to connect to iTunes to receive push notifications. what should I do? I connected my computer to my phone but the message persists.

I agree with Brooke on

I agree with Brooke on switching to Android. I also want to retract my comment from earlier. After playing with IOS7 for a few hours I love it. There are some changes, but overall I do not feel the bugs ruin anything. Bug number 1 happened to me a bit on my Iphone 5, but I feel swiping is just more reactive it hasn't messed me up so far.


I agree with the previous two comments pointed your direction; Android will have bugs. They might not be the same bugs, but they will have bugs. With over 14,000 versions of the android platform out there. Being a Dev and correcting bugs with that many different versions of Android out there is a nightmare. Apple has four different versions. Good Luck. Let us all go back and take a look at the IOS 6.0 release post on the site. Wasn't that post full of bug reports too? It takes patience and time people. Rome wasn't built in a day.

#13 and a new bug

Hi All, I am using an iPhone 4s and so far, of the bugs listed, have only found bug 13. However, I have noticed a new bug when typing in an edit field. If I were to type "Wuld you like to eat together?", then realize that I forgot the "o" in "would" when I edit the word "wuld" to "would" the iPhone reads my correction as "w o uld you like to eat together?" (This is part of a text I sent to a friend. So far, this only occurs in the text field for sending messages.

A few bugs I've found

I've seen a few of the bugs on here, but non of them make it unusable. I'm not sure if this next 1 is a bug, but from what I've heard siri is supposed to have some different voices, but I've not heard any difference. I use the UK English high quality voice, but siri sounds exactly the same. Also, I've noticed while rioting this, when I'm using Fleksy the auto lock still works. I'd be typing and I'd hear it say screen dimmed, then it eventually locks even if you continue typing. Anyone else had this, and can anyone else tell me how to get the new siri voice?

New Siri voice

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I'm not certain, but I believe the new Siri voices are only available in the U.S. or if your default iPhone language is set to the U.S. Hopefully someone else can confirm this for me.

Bug number seven moving by headings in Safari

I have experienced in iOS 7 the number seven bug that is mentioned in the main article about bugs with iOS 7. Navigating by headings on the Apple this site is quite frustrating as each time I flick up or down to navigate from heading to heading the page jumps back to the first heading. It is true as mentioned in the article that I did see this problem in iOS 6 before. However, it is much more delicate in iOS 7. The only fix I have found is to make sure that I have the phone flat on a hard surface and that I do not touch or hover my hand above it long before flicking up or down to move by headings.

can any one?

can any one help me with the what's app bug? I don't receive the push notifications and when I enter in the app it says to connect to iTunes to get the notifications. I did that and nothing changed.. what can I do?

Voiceover is talking while

Voiceover is talking while using Siri confirmed on my Iphone 5. So far however it really jhasn't messed anything up. The other wierd thing with Siri is when touching the screen reading results voiceover loses focus and all I can see is listen and help.

possible fix for what's app

Hi. Try deleting the app in the usual way, and then download it again and re-install it. Hopefully that'll fix it.

Minor Bug

I noticed this in Downcast and Lire, but am pretty sure it is a Voiceover bug. When you use the swipe down delete function in the action menu Voiceover will not read out the next podcast or article subject you land on. You need to touch the screen with your finger to get Voiceover to start reading again, or you can swipe right but you skip an item. While this is not a terrible bug it does make going through things quickly and deleting them much slower. This worked fine in IOS 6, so I am assuming it is a bug. I am running IOS 7 on an Iphone 4S

Able to Replicate some of the Problems

Hello. Just writing a quick note to let you know that I was able to replicate the sensative screen issue on both an iPhone 5 and an iPad mini. Also, so far I have noticed the folder badge issue on both of my iDevices as well. The folders do tell me how many apps there are in the folders, but now it doesn't tell you if there are any notifications associated with those apps. Finally, not sure if this is an IOS or facebook issue. on an IPhone 5, the facebook notifications tab does not tell you anything when you open it. When I updated facebook prior to installing IOS 7, this tab did work quite well. Because the IPad version of facebook is still similar to the previous versions, this appears to not be an issue there.

another bug

Hey everyone… I think I may have found another bug in iOS 7 this afternoon. This morning my mom sent a phone number to me in a text message. Back in iOS 6 it was possible (from within the messages app) to call the number or add it to contacts etc.… However I cannot figure out how to do this in iOS 7. When I read the message by touching the message field… Voice over reads the phone number fine and even tells me that it is a link. But I don't see the button next to the message where it used to say option or something like that… And you could go in and call the number or added to contacts. I tried exploring the rotor to see if perhaps this feature had moved there… But also found nothing. So even though voiceover tells me that the number is a link and something can be done with it… No amount of double tapping, rotor exploration, were exploring the screen reveals any sort of information as to how to perform actions on the phone number. As far as Google and their approach to accessibility… I'm sure switching to android has its own set of bugs… But what it comes down to is which company actually takes the bug reports more seriously and make some more concerted effort to fix them. True Google's operating system has many many many different versions… And that the process of tracking down the causes behind bugs would be much harder in that situation… But let's face it folks… Google is catching up as far as accessibility and if they take bug reports more seriously then they are a perfectly logical alternative. Heck… iOS 7 even takes some of it's "new "features from android. Apparently android has had something like the control center for a while… And they also have had something that is much like airdrop for the past two years. I know somebody will read this and say well… I'm pretty sure Mac computers had the airdrop first… But Google was the first one to bring something like that to a mobile operating system. Of course… Being influenced by your competition is the nature of the beast… Apple came out with Siri and then Google came out with Google now which apparently kicks the crap out of Siri. But this remains to be seen as Siri has been vastly improved in iOS 7. In regards to Apple accessibility falling asleep… I'm not going to lie right now I am leaning towards agreeing with that statement. Some of these bugs that people have been able to replicate are pretty obvious and if true quality-control is being implemented these bugs would not go unnoticed. Case in point… The headings bug which apparently has been a problem for about two years now and still has not been taken care of. Another case in point: voiceover not reading notification badges when viewing folders… or how about voiceover not continuing down the screen as he flipped to the right after you've added a contact from your contacts list to text message… I know that there is a simple workaround for this but we should have the ability to take advantage of both options with ease. Heck… To add insult to injury… One of the bugs that David reports in this podcast is very similar to an accessibility issue that is currently affecting android. I can't remember exactly which list is being referred to hear… But it's one of the lists that can be reordered. Apparently when you double tap an item to move it to a different spot in the list voice over gives you no clue as to where you are on the screen as you are moving the item. This is similar to an android accessibility issue because on android when you attempt to arrange icons and create folders talkback does not give you any auditory cue as to where you are moving the item or what is happening as you're dragging the item. Organizing icons and creating folders works just find like it did back in iOS 6… But this other list apparently does not. I know I commented over on the iOS 7 bugs podcast I was able to reproduce all of the bugs… But it just came to me that I did not try this specific bug out and will have to take a look at it after I'm done here. As explained in the podcast and this blog post… Perhaps these bugs are specific to certain devices… But then the question remains why those specific devices? . Having said all that… I do like iOS 7… But I must admit I feel like I am becoming more aware of the market… And the fact that Apple may no longer be the singular option.

screen locking

It looks like this is definitely a bug in iOS 7. The screen will all of a sudden lock while typing something in fleksy. The same thing happens while using the MBraille app. I know the developer of MBraille has reported it to Apple, but it is also important that we also report it to Apple. The only solution at this time is to turn off auto lock.


I had a update from downcast today, maybe this might fix the focus issue.

Premature bug report… But results still disappointing

Hey everyone… The report about the bug that I was describing about not being able to perform any actions to a phone number that I was sent via text message was premature. I tried it again and was able to find a way to travel by links in the rotor and was then able to double tap the number and the dialogue came up and I had the option to call the number. It was still rather disappointing, however, because I saw no option allowing me to add the number to contacts straight away. This seems like a pretty silly feature to remove… You're not going to want to call every number that you received via text message… You just might want to add someone's number two contacts. It would be really nice if they brought that feature back… Or maybe someone else knows where to find that feature and can enlighten me. If this feature doesn't exist I suppose a quick workaround would be to do the 3 finger quadruple tap to copy the last spoken item… But then you have to deal with deleting all that extra text since that command copies the last item that was spoken. Again… I apologize for reporting this bug prematurely.

if these bugs are too much you can downgrade

Hi. If these bugs are too much for you, you can downgrade, but do it quick. I posted how to downgrade in the forum on this site. But do it quick because apple could quit letting people downgrade at any time now. If you need more help then I gave in my post, please email jessicabrown531@gmail.com or use my applevis contact form.

I forgot the link to my post


possibly another bug? (or maybe not)

Hey guys, SO, not sure if this is something that's new to iOS7 or something in my settings but when I'm typing and I'm thinking about what I want to say I'll sometimes leave my finger on the keyboard. Usually that didn't cause any problems but now, it's acting like I did a double tap and hold...has anyone experienced this?

It's related to the boost of

It's related to the boost of sensibility, and that's the first point. Thanks Apple, I need to keep on pulling up and down to choose the keyboard.

Another bug

I have noticed this in a few apps. When I have typed in the edit field, and then want to type something else the clear text button is there one minute and then gone the next I have to delete all the search text using the delete key instead of the clear text which is quite frustrating. I had VO read me the clear text button and then it disappeared so I know it is there. In a few apps when searching around for the clear text button it actually causes the edit text field to stop editing. If anyone figures a work around let us know. Thanks

Successful downgrade

Hey everyone… I know a lot of the bugs in iOS 7 are minor… But in my experience over the past day… They have made every day activities more of a pain than they need to be to whoever mentioned the issue with the keyboard being too sensitive and bringing up alternative characters if you keep your finger on it… I experienced this issue as well. I also experienced a sort of instability with edit fields… I could be in the middle of composing a message or editing a Message… And all of a sudden I would find that the voiceover focus was outside of the message field and it had gone back to a state of not being editable. The text I had entered still there… But for some reason it would revert back to that uneditable state and I would have to double tap it again to bring up the keyboard again. I would seriously like to thank Jessica for providing this information about downgrading… But a couple things I wanted to add… You should only downgrade your device if you have backups of your eye device available from when you were running the previous version of the iOS. If you downgrade your device and the only backups you have our backups you made while running iOS 7… You will not be able to restore from these backups… These backups will only be able to be restored if you upgrade back to iOS 7. So please do consider this before you downgrade. For me personally… I just perform the downgrade and did the restore from an iCloud backup I made yesterday just before updating… And everything worked smoothly. My phone is just as it was before 1 PM Eastern time yesterday. To read about the process in more detail… I would highly recommend going to the thread that Jessica created over in the iOS and iOS apps section of the forum… And I would also encourage you to read through most of the thread as the conversation reveals more pertinent details about the downgrade process as it develops.

Pondering common variables

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I've now been able to easily and consistently replicate the sensitivity problem on a second iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4. Many other people have also confirmed that they are experiencing this same behaviour on iOS 7. However, just as many people (actually, it's probably more) are saying that they see no hint of this problem. So, it seems that there is definitely a problem, but it is only effecting some people. It also appears that it is not specific to certain devices. The fact that I have seen this behaviour on both an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4 would suggest that it is not a hardware-specific problem, as there is quite some difference between the two screens on these devices. It is possible that the problem might be triggered by a very specific combination of user settings, but 2 of the devices I've tested do not usually run VoiceOver, so had all of the various accessibility settings at their default ('out of the box') state. To me, this makes it unlikely that a specific setting is the cause of the problem. All in all, it's a very strange and frustrating bug, and I can only hope that Apple can quickly isolate whatever the common variable is that causes it to only effect certain people. I had somebody record a video of what I thought was a very good example of me encountering this behaviour, which I have sent to the Accessibility Team at Apple. If they've not yet seen this problem on any of their test units, this should at least confirm that there is definitely an issue.

Trying to replicate the problem

Call this having too much time on my hands, but I've been trying to replicate the sensitivity issue on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7. The only time it's happened to me is when I hold my finger on the screen while in an edit field; then it starts bringing up alternate characters connected with the letter my finger is on. I have a friend who also has an iPhone 5, so over the weekend, I'm going to ask her if I can experiment with her phone and VO to see what results I get with her phone.