Photogenda: a Visual Quick-Dialler for iPhone Users With Minor Vision Problems

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We were recently contacted by the developer of Photogenda, which is described as a visual quick-dialler app for the iPhone.

The idea for the app came when the developer saw his father struggling to read the names of contacts on their iPhone. Its main goal is to simplify and speed-up calling, messaging and FaceTime connections with your contacts. It allows you to create customized groups and see your contact's photos as big as you want.

I've not used the app myself, but its emphasis on interacting with visual elements (photos of your contacts) might be at best unnecessary and at worst act as a barrier to actual usability for us VoiceOver users.

The developer accepts that Photogenda is likely to be most useful to people with minor vision problems, rather than those of us who rely solely on VoiceOver, but has still given us some promo codes to pass on.

So, if you would like one of these codes, post a comment below. Please only ask for a code if you think this app might be of actual use to yourself or somebody you know.

The developer is aware of some accessibility issues on the Settings page, and is working to address these in a future update.

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