Papa Sangre II Arrives Just in Time to Join Your Halloween Celebrations

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Papa Sangre II has just arrived in the iTunes App Store. This much anticipated follow-up to the Papa Sangre game from 2010 is the third audio only game release from Somethin’ Else. If this latest adventure follows in the footsteps of the two previous games, it is certain to be a hit with blind iOS gamers.
Papa Sangre II is a horror game that takes as its starting point a macabre concept: your own death. The player’s goal is to return to the land of the living by exploring an immersive story-world, collecting memories of dead souls to get back to the other side. 
Contrary to traditional games, Papa Sangre II has no visuals: the gameplay takes place in audio only and makes use of the most immersive technology available: the player’s own imagination. In effect, Papa Sangre II is a video game with no video!
Throughout the game, players are guided through the underworld by the omniscient narrator Sean Bean, famous for his roles in Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.
Papa Sangre II utilizes a 3D binaural engine capable of generating true 3D sound from mono recordings. The spatial audio encompasses all 360 degrees of rotation, allowing sound to be positioned all around the listener’s head, including behind. Papa Sangre II features over 1,600 individually processed sounds.
A trailer for Papa Sangre II is available at
To celebrate the release of Papa Sangre II, the developer have provided us with a promo code to give away to one lucky user of the AppleVis website.
To enter to win this promo code, all that you need to do is just add a comment to this post before 9:00 a.m. GMT on Friday, November 1. We will then randomly select our winner.
The winner will be notified by e-mail. Please note: You *must* reply to our notification email within 24 hours of the time our email was sent, or we will draw another name! So, please make sure the email address you have on file with your AppleVis account is correct.
(If you need help doing this, please don't hesitate to ask.)
As a bonus, if you post the following on Twitter, you will automatically be placed in to the draw a second time:
Join the lost souls @AppleVis for the @papasangre II release
Good luck and a happy Halloween to you all!

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would love to try this out :)

PapaSangre II

Papa seems to be rather tricky, or sneaky? They posted the app to the store under a different developer's name. However I'm sure it's the same quality / people with the app, can't wait to give it a try!

Sounds great

Hi! This game sounds great, and, although I am hardly an expert at the original Papa Sangre, I'm so intrigued by the new one that I'd like to get it. The more practice I get with games like this, the better!

Happy halloween

Its finally out! Can't wait to play this game! Happy halloween folks!

I am looking forward to playing this game!

Hello. I am an IOS user for 3 years now, and I finally decided to register here! I have played Papa Sangre and the NightJar, and absolutely love those games. I am looking forward to playing this game, and see how awesome it is! Happy Halloween to everyone!

Papa Sangre

I'm interested in playing this game.

Deffenitly Excited

I'm deffinetly excited for this game. If its like the two previous releases by Somethin Else, then I'm sure it'll be a very emersive game that we can all enjoy.

rolling the dice

I have bought both the nightjar and papasangre and to be honest,I like the way both the games are done,however I haven't finished papa sangre yet! :D Been looking forward to papa sangre II but I shall play it only after I am done with part I. Guess today is a good day as any to finish.:p Falcon wings

May the best person win.

Hats off to developers for putting up with the: Are we there yet? comments from a bunch of people who really wanted this game. You developers put out a great job when things are released. thank you. though I am not good at Papa1 I hope if I am not lucky enough to win I'll enjoy the second one. :) Happy Hallowene and here's hoping the luck of the Irish is on my side. :D


here is my comment for the contest. but could you also put a time in there for us americans who arn't on gmt. thanks and may the odds be ever in your favor.


I think it's 6 hours ahead of us or at least that is what I think, in central timezone. But, Papa sangre 2 is an excellent thriller game. I won't spoil anything here, but you can now use the gyro on your iPhone to spin your character around. That's all I will give you. Happpy halloween

Just leaving a comment in the

Just leaving a comment in the hope of winning a free copy. I never finished the first game, so I dunno how I'll get on with this one but it'd be worth having a go especially if I get it for free. :)

Papa Sangre 2

This game seems more exciting than the first one!!!


So I'm just over half done playing, and omg talk about improovments. I'm loving every minit of this game. I havent come across a bug ither. Also, the game has some great music! I give it a 10. Deff worth the $3.99

great news

i am so unlucky that apple doesn't accepts my credit card. i would have bought it by now. damn it. i hope i will win that promocode.

i hope to be the winner

the idea of this game sounds really interesting, and i am optomistic enough to be the winner of this promo code. I am waiting for the E-mail :D

Sounds like a great game

I've played the first on my iPhone 4s and am stuck at level 9 grim reper. There appears to be some slow down in turning and navigating and no matter how many times I try, the walking lag does not let me complete it. Has anyone else experienced this and does a device upgrade help? I was quite impressed and would not only love to complete it but am definitely looking forward to it's sequel.

So excited

I had such a fantastic time playing Papa Sangre 1. Granted, it took forever, with a lot of frustration and confusion in between, but that's what I love about these audio horror games so much. They're challenging, creepy, and enthrawling. If I win (fingers crossed), I will be so, so, so, sO HAPPY! Thank you so much to the developers, who have taken so much time and money to create a game so accessible and thrilling.

I heard the podcast for this

I heard the podcast for this game, and I can't wait to play it. I loved the other two games from this wonderful company, and I know this one is going ot be a hit.


This game sounds freakishly fun and scary! :D :D :D

Normally don't comment to

Normally don't comment to blog posts but I love papa sangre 1 and can't wait to play papa sangre 2. I hope to even do a podcast on papa sangre 1 even though the game is 2 years old. I hope never to make the mistake of playing either 1 or 2 whilst it's late at night. Lol! Hehahahaha. the trailer sounds just awesome!


I'm looking forward to playing this game :)

I always enjoy these types of

I always enjoy these types of audio games. Even Papa Sangre 1 was challenging. But I love how they can really put you in a landscape--island level or night jar.