New version of popular chess app offers improved VoiceOver support

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An updated version of the Chess-wise app has just been released that offers significantly improved accessibility for VoiceOver users.

The developer of this app has worked closely with a number of blind iDevice users, and early reports from the VIPhone mailing list indicate that this new version of the chess game is very accessible.

You can navigate the board using a one-finger swipe, or you can just slide one finger around the board and VoiceOver will announce the coordinates and the name of a piece if one occupies that square. To make a move, use one finger to locate the piece you want to move, then double-tap. VoiceOver will announce "Selected." Now use one finger again to locate the destination square and double-tap again.

The developer offers both a lite version of Chess-wise and a paid version

The developer has also updated three of their other games to provide improved accessibility. These apps are: 10x10 Checker-wise PRO, Draughts-wise PRO and Xiangqi-wise PRO.

The developer is keen to stress that these are considered as first versions of these games in their accessible form. Although much of these games is now accessible, further work will be needed to provide full VoiceOver support. To this end, they are encouraging users to provide feedback on any accessibility issues that they encounter.

It is great to see a developer responding so positively to requests for improved accessibility.



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