MultiTap Text isn't accessible -- at least yet

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When MultiTap Text was released a few days ago on the App Store, I found the description quite intriguing and thought it can easily supplant a physical keyboard in most -- if not all -- circumstances:

Stop struggling with the iPhone QWERTY! With MultiTap Text, texting is a breeze! Multitap Text application allows you to enter text using a numeric keypad instead of iPhone’s default keyboard. You can send your text by email, sms or you can just copy and paste the text to where you need it. With MultiTap Text keypad you can text fast and efficient. The big buttons also help you avoid typing errors!

I decided to try it with VoiceOver to see how accessible it is. However, since it wasn't a free app, I sent an email to the developer to see if I can get a copy of the app from him so as to test its accessibility and avoid paying for something inaccessible. It's a $0.99 app, but paying for inaccessible apps feels bad regardless of the price tag! At any rate, the developer was kind enough to provide me with a "Redeem code," and I used it with iTunes on Windows to retrieve MultiTap Text.

Despite its huge potential, the app has some issues with VoiceOver so I sent a second email to the developer, outlining the accessibility problems. If you're interested in this app, it would be a good idea to send a message to and ask the developer for VoiceOver support. In short, VoiceOver doesn't echo the characters we type and the characters we delete, doesn't announce some static text boxes which display information, and MultiTap requires the re-labeling of some buttons. I can post the complete text of my message as a comment to this article upon request, but feel sending an email and asking for VoiceOver support would be a great start for anyone interested. You may also want to send him the URL to this page.