From MobileSpace to AppleVis: joining an ineluctable trend

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Well, as this is my first post to the AppleVis blog, I just want to say a big hello to all readers and website admins. It's a great honor to be blogging here. For more than seven years I've been using Symbian handsets and alpha-testing its screen readers and applications. I also used to write a Symbian-related blog titled "MobileSpace." However, now that Symbian is about to become history (some say it's already defunct), more than a month ago I decided to plunge into the iOS world and get an iPhone 4S. As you might guess, I had to take into account the ups and downs of a couple of mobile platforms before making the final decision, but I'd rather save the details for a later post. So, let me keep this one terse: I'm glad to be here and hope to make a difference with my presence.

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