Meanwhile for iOS: an Accessible Interactive Comic

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Earlier this year Kwasi Mensah, creator of Stem Stumper, spoke on iOS game design and accessibility at a conference. His talk inspired at least one developer to make their own game accessible, and the result is now in the App Store.

Meanwhile for iOS is an interactive comic, where the choices you make will determine how the story unfolds.

The plot centers around Little Jimmy, who on the way home from the ice-cream store discovers a mad scientist’s wonderland. What will he test out first: an experimental mind-reading helmet, a time-machine, or a doomsday device that can annihilate the human race?

What follows is described by the developers as "a thrilling adventure of quantum physics, self-discovery, and kids getting into trouble". The story splits into thousands of different adventures, but with only one path that will lead to success.

I've yet to try the app myself, but it claims to be fully accessible with VoiceOver.

Meanwhile for iOS is a universal app and costs $4.99.

Meanwhile for iOS in the iTunes App Stor