Join Us For Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ Event On Monday, 9 March

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It’s nearly time for another Apple event, and this one will formally launch Apple’s entry into the wearable sector with the Apple Watch.

First revealed by Apple last September, we’re likely to get confirmation tomorrow that the Apple Watch will be available for purchase in April.

In addition to giving us details of the final features of the Apple Watch; its pricing; and when it will be available, we can also expect to see the public release of iOS 8.2.

Whether or not Apple has further announcements in store for us - such as a MacBook Air with a Retina Display - remains to be seen, but thankfully we don't have too much longer to wait until all is revealed.

The event begins at 1pm Eastern (5pm GMT), and you’ll be able to follow it live online at or on an Apple TV.

We will be tweeting news as we hear it to our @AppleVis Twitter account. We shall also be posting a summary of the news and announcements later in the day.

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It's exciting

Club AppleVis Member

It's exciting, i am waiting for event, hoo is know? Maybi the version of ios will be reliste or apple wothch will be including fitchers of accessibility like voiceover.

Can't Wait!

I'm looking forward to seeing if Apple will announce the rumored iPad Pro. Even if they don't though, finding more out about the watch will be exciting. I'll be particularly interested to see what it can offer beyond a convenient notifications viewer and activity tracker. For example, it has been rumored that it'll be able to measure blood sugar levels, which is probably a good thing for big guys like me, and we already know it can measure pulse, but will it show you your pulse in real time? Can it measure anything else? We'll just have to wait and see. Not long now.

Might Have a Conflict But

I might not be able to tune in live tomorrow, but I'll know hopefully by the early morning. In any case, I'm excited for the event and hope it will be archived should I be away from my computer during the live broadcast. If this event is to be anything like the last 2 that I heard, it'll be great indeed.

sounds exciting

Tomorrow's event sounds exciting, mainly because the last time Apple introduced a new major product was when it introduced the iPad back in 2010. I am mainly looking forward to what VoiceOver will be able to do on the Apple Watch. Hopefully there aren't any limitations in terms of using it with VoiceOver besides the obvious ones.

so excited for the apple watch

I want that watch so much I can't stand it. Is it accessible? That didn't come out of the event, which I'm not really surprised about, but are we not going to be able to know until april 10? I want one I want one.


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I have enough technology to worry about carrying around with me each day to add another flashy arm ornament that does nothing I can't do with my phone. For those out there who want it, I'm happy for you and I hope it works out well for you. I just can't imagine myself ever wanting one of these watches.


Does anyone remember how we first found out that the iPhone 3 g s was going to be accessible? Did people just not know until they got their hands on one in stores?

My Thoughts on Today's Event

Well, I didn't get to watch the event live, but I did catch it in its entirety when I got back from my follow-up appointment with the endodontist. First off, a big thank you to Apple for archiving these things so quickly. Now to my thoughts. I don't think I'll be getting an Apple Watch anytime soon, especially since I already have a good talking watch. But I, too, hope those who do end up getting them have a positive experience. It already sounds pretty sweet. I've never really seen haptic feedback, but that will be great. The new MacBooks sound really cool. A thought came to my mind as I was listening to the event though. I don't know how many of you are familiar with . It's a site where users upload videos to YouTube containing their own descriptions. Anyway, I think it would be cool if Apple could provide these during their events. I don't know how the legalities would work, but it would be very beneficial. Finally, that marathoner's blog will be awesome to read.