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Hi all,

Welcome to my first blog entry.

I'm just writing this to warn you about uuntethered scammers.
Basicly, they wil ask for money, and provide you with an untethered jailbreak.
These are scams, as they'll either take your money and run off, or give you a virus, that could seriously harm your iOS device, and or PC.

There is no untethered JB for iOS 5, as of yet, but their is a tethered one.

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Buyer beware

I don't really follow the jailbreak scene, but I am a little surprised that an untethered jailbreak isn't available yet for iOS 5.

The jailbreakers had a long time to work on the beta version, so it does make you wonder if an untethered jailbreak will actually be possible.

And yes, this does create an ideal climate for scammers. There were lots of websites claiming they could sell you an untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.5, but I never saw any evidence to suggest that it was even possible.

I'm sure that once a genuine untethered jailbreak is available, there will be lots of reliable sources telling you about it.