iOS Gaming: Have Blind Gamers Ever Had it so Good?

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The number of iOS games which are playable by VoiceOver users seems to grow daily, with developers either releasing new titles that are accessible out of the box (such as The Inquisitor Audiogame Adventure and Clever Clues) or joining the VoiceOver party by making existing games accessible.

No matter what your gaming preferences are, there should be something to suit your tastes - whether you simply want to roll a dice, play card or word games against sighted friends, care for virtual pets, immerse yourself in roleplay, or go on a zombie killing rampage.

Quite simply, blind gamers have never had it so good! Or have they? It's certainly true that only a very small fraction of the games available from the App Store are actually playable by the blind, whilst the developers of many extremely high-profile and popular games show no interest in making them accessible. And no, we're not talking about highly visual games such as Angry Birds, which with the best will in the world are never going to be playable with VoiceOver. We're talking about classic games such as Monopoly, Scrabble and Uno, all of which have a form of gameplay that means they could be made accessible ... the only barrier seems to be no interest from developers in making it happen.

With such a small choice in a very large market, there is certainly a strong argument that blind gamers are being seriously short-changed.

So, whatever your views, we would love to hear what you think about gaming on the iOS platform. Has it opened up gaming to the blind? Has it turned you from a non-gamer into a casual gamer? Or an occasional gamer into a hard-core gamer? Or does the whole experience of gaming on iOS still leave you underwhelmed?

Let us know your thoughts on iOS gaming by posting a reply below, perhaps also letting us know more about your personal favorites.

As an added incentive, we have a few promo codes to give away. First up is Robo-E, a newly-released game that has the title character in charge of cleaning up the galaxy from toxic waste. The developer has already given away some promo codes to our community, but we also have some up for grabs and will be giving these away to people who take part in this discussion. We'll simply be picking names out of our virtual hat, so be sure to share your thoughts on the state of iOS gaming to make sure that your name goes into that hat!

Update: In addition to the promo codes for Robo-E, I'm really pleased to announce that we're now also able to give away a couple of promo codes for The Inquisitor Audiogame Adventure. As mentioned above, this is a new release on iOS which has already gained much praise from blind gamers.

With this game costing $13.99, you game lovers out there should definitely want to make sure that your names are in the hat when we choose the lucky winners! We'll be doing this tomorrow at 12 noon GMT, so don't hang around!

A big thank you to the developers of both games for their commitment to making accessible games and for letting us have these promo codes to share with our community.

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it has been a excellent experience

Playing games on iOS has been a excellent experience from papasangre to soul trapper to choice of games it has been a excellent experience.

Well, hard to tell...

Hard to tell if it changed my mind. Ios devices are suprising me really a lot, but there aren't much games which can interests me for a long long hours. As i am completely blind, i am playing video games too, using my consoles like x360, PSP, NDS or Nintendo WII. IOS have many good titles but most of these are not for me. I am not big fan of cart games, or don't like text only games, so, what i am searching for are audio or text with audio games. I have great memories from my favourite papa sangre or nigh jar, or the other great title soul trapper, but these are only a examples of games which are definitely taking more time from my life. Now i am excited with the new The inquisitor game, but for my old, bad Iphone 3gs it is working really decent. Audio is lagging and app is crashing so probably i will get the PC v ersion instead. One thing what is really worth pointing is: Developers are opened for disabled players like blind, and IOS platform has many many excellent developers who wants to bring their games on higher level and improving these for the blind. No other system / platform have the same guys behind the scenes with the same ideas etc. Now i am looking forward to this robo-e game, but i can't use anything to pay sadly, so i'll wait when there will be promo like for free, or i'll get the code As this is like sokobam with audio what is really interests me. Anyway, i'll post more if discussion will grow up.

My thoughts

I would say I consider myself a hard-core gamer. IF there's anything I spent the most money on in the app store, I'd definitely say games. Indeed, even though I switched my phone to an android and promptly lost my iPod a few days later I picked up a new one, and games was definitely one of the more important reasons why I did. There were definitely not many games on symbian, I'm aware of only the games from code factory and another guy's simon game. The situation on Android is better, but iOS definitely has a much larger library of games. My favourites? That's rather difficult. It depends what I'm in the mood for, but lately I find myself playing Karateka the most at the moment, simply because how easy, and at the same time difficult it is. TO anyone who hasn't really delved in, I'd also like to recommend sixth sense, echo hear to play, aurifi dispight it's buggyness, bop it and flip it, smack me, and when it comes back to the app store, papa sangre. That's for realtime. For turn based and text games I'd say naval combat, clever clues, poker wheel, iAssociate2, stem stumper, lost cities, all of the choice of games, and hanging with friends. Oh, and feel free to add me on game center, nick's pitermach... and count me in for the promo code giveaway.

i love games

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Hello, I have always been interested in gaming since when i was a child. My dream has always been to have a portable object in my pocket which i could play with, while in the car, or during inactivity... I have to admit, even at school! like other schoolmates who enjoyed playing during lessons, battleships or tic tac toe having papers under their desk, and i couldn't! Now, I have iPhone and iPad, and I can play whenever I want! You cannot imagine what it would be if i was at school at those days! Smiles! I was just talking to a friend yesterday: iOS platform gave us a very, very large choice of games. It's true we are limited, we cannot play games such as ruzzle, plants vs zombies, angry birds, or also some cards games, for example I am looking for a Burraco playable on line and accessible but I find nothing. the only cards games i found are kings corner, poker wheel, cards alone and lost cities. or i don't find a tic tac toe with multiplayer game center support, a runner game, a car racing based game. But for the rest, I must admit I have really to make an entire day completely busy, just playing games! I have always loved games but in the computer there are not so many of them; and, the ones we have, are just dedicated to blind. Now we are open to the world! It is, let's say "just", needed to make the developers more considerate towards our needs. I know some devs who just say, i have never thought about blind people because I think a blind person works better with a keyboard, the touch screen isn't accessible! Regarding the redeem codes, I already bought Robo-e. if you have some others, just tell! I just tell you i am not interested in games such as virtual pets or role-playing games such as kings of dragon pass or similar. bye for now

It' is a good thing, but...

I think that the awareness of developers to an underserved market is a good thing. There are many new options for gaming and while the mainstream stuff is still out of reach, having options is good. Counting accessible apps isn't really valuable. What is more important is whether there are good choices available. It's similar to comparing the number of apps in the iOS versus Android, Windows, or Blackberry app stores. It matters little if there are thousands more apps in one, if there are good choices to do whatever is desired to be done in another store. I'd rather have 3 good games to choose from, than 30 lousy ones. That said, I don't find myself playing games as much as I thought I would. I tend to get each new accessible game if for no other reason than to support the developers. For me, audio games require a disassociation from my environment, and I find that isolating. I like to know what's going on around me. I'm intrigued by the Dimensions game, and plan to give it a whirl. It appears to encorporate environmental sounds, and that might be the bridge I'm looking for. All in all, I'm happy that accessible games are being created, and I do ejoy them. It's not my primary use of the device, but it's a fun option to have in my back pocket.

my thoughts

Hi everyone! Like Lirin I consider myself a hardcore gamer. I'm totaly blind and the first console that I played when i was 6,7 years old was the super nintendo, then moving on to the ps1 and ps2. Now today I'm using only my ipad and pc for gaming, but I'd say I use the ipad 80% of the time and the pc 20% to play some specific games like swamp. Gaming on ios devices is getting decent for us blind gamers, but there's still much more to come, lots of possibilities to develope and explore new genres of games that aren't available yet. Take the rpg as an example. Yes, we have kodp(king of dragon pass) which is totaly awesome, but very difficult to master, I haven't got the hang of the game yet. But I'm desperately wanting an rpg like the classic pen and paper old games, or rogue, etc. there's a company called tin man games(not sure if i spelled it right) that produce gamebooks that could be made accessible, but I'm not sure why they aren't responding to the e-mails. There's also a brazilian company, "behold studios" that produced "knights of pen & paper", they said that the ios version can't be accessible because of the engine used, but that the pc version will be accessible. Let's hope. And another genre that is lacking on ios is the racing/sport games, it would be fantastic to have a game like top speed to play anytime! I always try to purchase these blind friendly games to support the developers, I have 95% of all games listed in the applevis games directory, only one I'm missing so far is the inquisitor audio game. I'm waiting for some more opinions, or waiting to see if the price drops a little bit at some point. My gamecenter id is matheus_rheine Feel free to add me! So that's my opinion, i'm pretty optimistic when it comes down to the future, it's just a matter of time before more developers decide to create either audiogames or adapting the games to be blind friendly, the only thing we always need to do is always talk to developers when there's an interesting game that could be made accessible, the more people contacting the developers the more chance of adding blind support!

another obstacle is the language

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Hello, I was thinking about the original post: are there many accessible games for blind people, is there a good game choice or not? I was a little bit selfish when i talked about "i have lots of hour to spend during the day, playing whatever", because I was thinking just about people who do not consider English language as a problem! Because English is spoken all over the world. Because I, myself, do not have problems with English. It's about one year I follow applevis I read articles listen to podcast and made also a couple of them for you. But for example here in Italy we do not have so many blind people speaking English very well. Or, at least, we have people who prefer games in our mother language! Many times I have to answer the question: how many games are accessible on an iDevice? and I start a long list. To the second question: how many accessible games are translated in Italian? I just stop. Think, and start to take my right hand's fingers to count, because the percentage becomes very very minimal. On the contrary, I have some games I am enjoying a lot to play, which are just in Italian and not in English, they are question-based or words-based games. So, I think, in many cases language is the first barrier to jump on, before talking about accessibility. I suppose there are many people who get frightened just at the idea to learn something new even if there are, who knows, 2 english words in the whole game. smile.

I was born totally blind, and

I was born totally blind, and started gaving on, believe it or not, an Atari 2600. Iremember how thrilled I was when I got my first perfect score on Bowling, and I loved games like Dragster too. Then I got a c564 and started playing PolePosition, memorizing the layout of the track so I could beat my friend. I played Space Invaders on the Apple 2E, and found that games were made specifically for the blind, and that opened my mind to new possibilities. At about that time I decided to be a games designer.To meat that age, that simply meant coming up with the ideas and sending them to Atari or Commodore and letting them do the work. Of course it doesn't really work that way most of the time lol. In 1996 I found accessible games for the PC, and they were so fun I decided to begin designing my own. My first, World of Darkness, was a text adventure game about blindness, and I've made a few games since. Now I have an iPhone, and the only thing I don't like about it is that I can't program my own games on it. However, there have been some very good ones. My favorites are Dimensions, even if the third level doesn't exist yet, King of Dragon Pass, Sound Smash, Erncon, Ping Pong Samurai, and Echo Hear to Play. Having said that, I definitely agree that there is vast room for more games we can play. Iwould love a good baseball game, a good racing game, Breakout, and a true Space Invaders clone, complete with shields and all 72 ships onscreen at once, and it would be nice if tmore of he games we could play had better graphics. My kids never want to play games with me, and it's always the same reason: the graphics aren't very good. As a last comment, I really don't get why kids think I Spy games are so fun, but looking for something they lost in the real world is so terrible. Cleaning up the house: a drag. Cleaning up a virtual house, or a zoo, a blast. By the way, please put me in for a promo code for Robo-E. Check out my games at I'm going to be speaking with some developers about porting Phrase Madness to iOS, so we'll see how that goes... Maybe I can generate the ideas and let them do all the work fter all? lol

Gaming: A Whole New World for Me

I'm totally blind, and I have always wanted to play games. Watching my Dad and brother get excited over World of Warcraft only fueled the fire. The IOS platform has opened up a whole new world for me, as far as games are concerned. I LOVE the Maverick software and Storm8 games, as well as Hatchi, and Fighter City. But as a female gamer, I'd love to see more "build your own zoo", "build your own restaurant", "farmville", "build your own bakery" type games in accessible form. Either way, I am so grateful to the app developers who take the time and make the effort to make their games accessible. I'll list the games I currently play, in case anyone is unaware of their existence. Storm8 games - Rock Battle, World War, Ninjas Live, Racing, IMobsters, Kingdoms Live, Vampires Maverick games - Cupcakes, More Sundaes, More Grilling, More Salad, More Popcorn Hatchi Fighter City King of Dragon Pass Hanging with Friends

I'm into audio games

I've become a casual gamer. I like the audio games like aurifi and papsangre.

My thoughts on IOS gaming

Hi, I am totally blind myself, was born this way. I have been fascinated by games and interactive entertainments for as long as I remember. My sighted brother always had game machines, Megadrive (Genesis) for American readers, Master system, ps1 ps2 and such. I always had a go and got really interested in what makes gaming the interactive experience. I now use a playstation 3 and enjoy the sports offerings on that platform, even though I am not American I love you're announcing within sports. My main interests are Baseball, Ice Hockey and the NFL. Basketball doesn't really hit the ride strikes for me so to speak. I'd love to see sports simulations that are accessible, though much consideration would need to be made as to how they would work for us VI folks. In terms of IOS gaming, I love all the logic/puzzle/audio adventure type games. This is the future for VI gamers on IOS, improving the fidelity and audio environments to make us become part of the games. If you want an honest view, one company to seriously look out for will be Draconis. They seem to really go all out with the computing platforms and it'll be interesting to see what they do for IOS. Change Reaction alone on mac has given me so much fun. In fact, if the national debt could be paid by me playing it, our money situations would be much improved.

Lack of sports games

While I still think that the number of accessible games is growing on IOS, I am not aware of a single accessible sports game. I would really love to be able to play a cricket, baseball/beepball or football title. Maybe that just wishful thinking on my part.

Promo codes for The Inquisitor now also up for grabs

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In addition to the promo codes for Robo-E, I'm really pleased to announce that we're now also able to give away a couple of promo codes for The Inquisitor Audiogame Adventure. As mentioned above, this is a new release on iOS which has already gained much praise from blind gamers.With this game costing $13.99, you game lovers out there should definitely want to make sure that your names are in the hat when we choose the lucky winners! We'll be doing this tomorrow at 12 noon GMT, so don't hang around!A big thank you to the developers of both games for their commitment to making accessible games and for letting us have these promo codes to share with our community.


Hello. I agree. Gaming has baton a variety for blind users no, way better than when I first started using the iPhone and iPad. And don't forget about the Mac. Games are opening up on that as well there's not nearly as many as there are on the iPhone but still, it's starting to improve. As for some of my favorite games, dark galaxy, forces of war, and crime Incorporated are all great ones. They're kind of role play games and dark galaxy is a very fun spacing. As well. The Nightjar is great too. Sorry if I made any mistakes, I'm using dictation and editing on the iPhone is a pain you guys know how it is. However, gaming on the iPhone is definitely not a pain it's awesome!

My Experiences with Gaming on iOS

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From the moment I got my 4th Generation iPod Touch last year, I've been very impressed with pretty much all the games I've downloaded/purchased from the App Store. I knew from listening to early demos of games like Aurifi and Papa Sangre that playing games on an iOS device was going to be a special experience, since there are games that allow you to tilt/shake the device to perform actions in addition to tapping/flicking on the screen. In other words, you can get quite the workout. Some of my favorite games are Robo-E (which I got earlier today with a promo code), Lost Cities, Papa Sangre, King of Dragon Pass, Zany Touch, Bop It!, Stem Stumper, Hanging with Friends, Dimensions, and Aurifi (the first game I bought immediately after getting my device).

iOS gaming

Well. For me my opinion is that developers started really about gaming in the start of 2012. I don't have anything against that. What I really wish for is that apple raise the awareness of VoiceOver between app developers. So that more awesome games can be created. I personally enjoy playing games on my iPhone. And I aprisiate the hard work of the developers to make there apps accecebul to us. And I hope more awesome games will be created R


I Love playing games on my iPhone. I like a lot of others first experienced playing games when I first got my iPhone. Currently I enjoy playing: king of dragon pass, moxie, lost cities, zenger, roll it, hanging with friends and associate 2. I would love to be able to play games such as the building games along with marshong, probably spelt that wrong. I also am very grateful for the developers who take the time to make games accessible. I think the whole technology area has come on leaps and bounds. Regards to all, Karen b

There area few other things I

There area few other things I should add about this. First, I had a Pac Mate a few years back and put together a good game pack for it. This included Nethack, whicfh was very nice to play because you could actually feel the map, just like feeling a real map. The Jawbreaker clones were good too, since you could feel the different bubbles. If I do get a code for Inquisitor, I'll make a podcast of it as soon as I learn it.

I put a game pack for Pac

I put a game pack for Pac Mate together a fedw years back, and one of the games it had was Nethack. I specially designed the map so you could scroll around and it felt like a real map. That was awesome. Some of the Jawbreaker clones were great too. If I get an Inquisitor code, I'll make sure and do a podcast on it, so everyone knows what it's like.

About four years ago, I made

About four years ago, I made a gamepack for the Pac Mate. Nethack was one of the games I modified slightly, changing the ASCII characters to look like dashes for the floor, elss for the walls and so on. That was one of the best games ever because you could actually feel your way around the map. I had a few Jawbreaker clones too, and those were good because you could feel the bubbles--not just that they were there, but what colors. In chess, you could actually feel the board, though one row at a time. I miss those days a lot, but I certainly wouldn't trade in my iPhone for a pac mate. By the way, if I win a code for Inquisitor I'll make sure to do a podcast on it.

Fantastic experiences with iOS games

Playing games on devices such as the iPhone is a marvel. I love the knowledge of playing in almost any location, and the thrill of having this technology available is amazing. In the past I have installed an array of games ranging from Papa Sangre to Soul Trapper, Escape the House, BlindSide, and TapTheMole. Although I don't think I'm a hard-core gamer, I tend to play for lengthy periods of time if I love a game. And I, too, am greatful to the developers who have made these apps useable by people with visual impairments. I'm hoping that the future of games will be enjoyed by everyone.

My gaming Experience

I would submit that iOS has turned me into a casual gamer. I was always envious growing up of other people playing games, it seemed like all the time. Even on their cell phones, it seemed like the coolest thing ever. I think the gaming world gives us a peek into technology interfaces and how humans react to them, which could be useful in other areas. I think Angry Birds could be accessible if people used 3D audio and the gyroscope in the device, but I love that the programmers are pushing iOS devices to their limits now. Mainly for me, this has opened up a new world and allowed me to experience some classic games like versions of Battleship and shooters that I never played before because the occasion never came about. My list of favorite games is long, and I am happy for that. I love the ones that don't require too much concentration yet hold your attention. Silent Space and the nightjar fall into the audio range here. Right now, i am having a lot of fun with iAssociate II (much better played with a fellow wordsmith), and Robo-e, which appeals to my logic side. As the hardware gets better and people are more willing to branch out creatively, I think the potential of iOS is just getting started. Chelsea

IOS gaming

Just wanted to say most definitely, IOS gaming has been opened up especially over the past few years, and wow! some of the games out there. Chrime Inc, ZanyTouch, SixthSense, soulTrapper, Papa Sangre, Blindside, Stem Stumper, Robo-E, The Inquisitor Audiogame Adventure, there's more they just escape me at the moment. Some of these are games I myself have wanted to see mobile for a while, and now finally have the chance verses say alot of computer shutemup games out there. Not that I don't love to play them, but definitely the gaming experience for blind users using IOS is growing rapidly from what I am noticing and what an awesome experience! Thanks The Inquisitor Audiogame Adventure, and Robo-E for making your products accessible, and sharing some codes with us! and Thanks AppleVis.

Sports games

Yeah, always i dreamed about great sport game for IOS or any other system. I am big fan of boxing or martial arts or NBA series. Definitely it's so bad we haven't that kind of games for us. While fighting games or action adventure games are my favourte, sports games are still too far from us to play.

I see nowadays there are many

I see nowadays there are many Games which is Accessible for the blind and for the Visually impaired as well i believe in the near future it would be different types of Games that Blind can play them and for me personally i hope to see Martial Arts games or fighting games And thanks

Fighting games

It would definitely be a lot of fun if games that involve one on one fighting become available for the phones or tablet. I've always enjoyed playing Street fighter and Kindle fighter in the past.

Fighting games

Well, there are few games which are somewhat accessible, but these are mainstream games, like batman lockdown. Sadly, while it's gesture based, there are menus which we must know to play it properly and i am missing these types of games in my pocket.

I have been an iOS user for

I have been an iOS user for the past 3 years, and I can honestly say that I've had quite an awesome experience with gaming. I would love to see more of the Blindside-style games come out, because that type of game is really detail-oriented, and it makes it seem like you're literally inside a building or a cave or something like that. The thing that I love about Apple's platform is that the developer community is actually more receptive to putting accessibility into their apps than developers for Windows.

I OS gameing?hell yeah!

All that I'd say on this is,I just bought a ipad mini yesterday when I could've gotten iphone5 if not sooner,than later. That aside,the only reason I considered IOS devices at first was because of the games which were available to play and which emerged ,it seemed like almost daly. So My reason for a IOS Device?games,games and if I get time,a few more games! :D Grryfindore AKA Falcon wings

I like a wide variety of games

Hi! My experience of gaming until late 2011 was limited to games for Windows made specially for the blind, and I only discovered those in 2007, so it was great to discover, after I got my iPhone 4S in October 2011, that there are plenty of mainstream games for IOS available which are either accessible with VoiceOver or playable by the blind because they rely on audio for gameplay. I chose the iPhone back in 2011 purely because I wanted a fully accessible mobile phone, but since then I've become a keen IOS gamer. I think the first IOS game I installed was the free version of iFarkle, but I've added a wide variety of IOS games since, including audio-based games like Papa Sangre and Blindside and SixthSense and Echo Hear To Play, Card Games like Poker Wheel and Lost Cities, Word Games like Hanging With Friends and iAssociate 2 and Clever Clues, trivia games like Song Guru, Dice Games like DiceWorld and Roll It, and quite a few of other kinds such as Bubble Island and Smack Me, to build up a sizable IOS games collection by now. It may well be true the the games on IOS which are accessible to blind and visually impaired users are only a tiny minority of all the IOS games available, but that doesn't alter the fact that we have a good number of IOS games of different genres to choose from, and that's definitely a good thing.

Hi, Clare.

I found an app called Bubble Island in the app store, but I didn't think it would be accessible. Can you provide a link to the app you use? I'd like to play this game if I can. Thanks, Shersey

Don't know how to do links to apps, sorry!

Hi, Shersey! Unfortunately I don't know how to do links to apps, but I can tell you that the Bubble Island game I play on my iPhone is free and its developer is called Wooga. You have to toggle VoiceOver on and off to play it, having VO on between rounds of the game to get instructions, scores, and so on, and turning VO off to actually play the game. A sighted person would see the bubbles you have to burst in that game, but I, and several other blind people, have found that we can do pretty well at the game simply by randomly tapping the screen while playing with VoiceOver turned off. I hope this helps!

Another chance to grab a free download of Robo-E

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Update: all of the codes offered in this post have now been claimed.

To mark both the release of version 1.4 of Robo-E and the great support for the game from blind iOS gamers, the developer has very kindly given us another batch of promo codes to share with the community.So, if you've yet to try this game, here's a great opportunity to get it for free!Simply post a comment below to say that you'd like one of the codes and also tell us which is your current favourite iOS game.We only have a small number of codes, so be quick!


Hi. I would like to have a code for the Robo-E game. My favourite game is Papa Sangre. Thanks.

I've been going back and

I've been going back and trying games again after all but giving up on them. Lately, I'm having fun with puzzle stuff like Clever Clues, and Stem Stumper. I would like to try Robo-E and thank the developers for supporting the site, and the community.

Currently, I've been playing

Currently, I've been playing Clever Clues quite a bit. :) Its a very addictive game. Would love a chance to try Robo E, though, as I've heard very great things about it.

I like word games

I just started iAssociate 2, and Moxie is an old favorite. I'd like a code to try Robo-E. Esther

New ish IOS user

Hi, I am a new-ish IOS user but have heard a great deal about games on this platform. My partner has had an IOS device for a while, but with us recently buying anIPad mini I get to experience more of the apps that I actually want. I found loads of games I would like to play, just wish I had enough money to try them all out! I also have an Android phone, and find there a lot of games too, though not as many as on IOS. Android games seem to be cheaper, but ehn if a game is really accessible I don't mind paying a little more...have yet to get to grips to whether refunds are possible on the IOS app store like there is in Android, and wish that more games would have lite versions. anyway, those are my thoughts, I look forward to discovering more and more as the days and moths with IOS go on.

interesting project

Hi! I want to get a code and I am very interested in accessible games!.


Hi, I would like to have a code for the Robo-E game. My favorite game is kurakuramaze. Thanks.

Personally, I'm hoping for a

Personally, I'm hoping for a code for inquisitor, since I Artie bought Robo-e. It's a great game, and I'm Rinkus number five.

It's all about the Words

I've used the iOS platform to play several kinds of games, which has been fun, and has broadened my overall experience. However, the type of games I keep coming back to are word games. I've always enjoyed games like Scrabble and Anagrams. Because so many word games are accessible with VO, either by design or by accident, I can and do spend time playing the type of game I enjoy most. Word games, because they are sometimes accidentally usable, have brought our community to the attention of more developers. For example, iAssociate2's developers have added more VO support because of the wide response from our community. I'm anxious to see where this positive feedback will take us in the future.

Have blind gamers ever had it so good?

I have tended to scoff at geming. This is probably a case of sour grapes, since so little has ever been accessible, or so tricky that I end up with a headache after spending a few hours trying to make sense of them. I'm willing to be proven wrong, however.

Does game type seem to be partially related to VO accessibility?

I have quite a few word games that are fully VO compatible, and I also have a large number of, "Brain Games," as I call them. *GRIN* (These range from Sudoku games to Simon-type sound repetition games to Robo-E and beyond.) I have iPeg, which is a peg board game where you jump one peg over another to try and leave as few pegs remaining on the board as possible. Now, this game works with VO, but the pegs are all labeled "Yellow Peg 001," so you have to keep an idea of where you are on the board. I have no problem using it though, as it won't make a jump that can't be made, and it tells me whether I'm touching, "Yellow Peg 001," which is just one of the pegs remaining on the board, "Red Peg 001," which is the peg that I have selected to move, or whether I'm touching, "Button." LOL (Button is an open spot that a peg can jump into.) There is also a fair amount of RPG and/or text adventure games out there for VO players to enjoy. As you said though, there seems to be, at least to me, a definite lack of interest in helping to make many types of games, such as board games and card games, VO accessible. I LOVE the card game Spades, and I've bought 12 different Spades games for my iDevices, NONE of which is accessible! Ok, so I emailed the developer of each and every one of my Spades games and requested that they consider making their wonderful game VO accessible. If I even received an answer, that answer was no. I tried the same with a Phase 10 game, an Uno game, Bridge games, board games such as Monopoly, Risk and Aggrivation, and, as I said, the answer was resoundingly NO, and that's IF I received an answer at all. It honestly saddens me to see that there are still so many developers out there who, at least as far as I can tell, just don't want my money, or the money of all the other VO-using gamers who would be happy to pay for a great game, as long as it would work with VO!

Games for blind IOs users - my ramblings

Hi, It's true that we blind users have many things to have fun with, some even sighted users enjoy, which i think is really nice. However, in some areas we're far behind the sighted community which i think is tragic. Take for example audio games in several shapes and forms. Many audio games are really fun and highly addictive but there has to be a way to get outside of the typical "You're blind and the only way you can escape/fight/survive is to trust your ears". These experimental games must have shown the developers time and time again that making games that just rely on audio is very possible and therefore shouldn't we move on beyond this kind of simple non-adictive games? Or take sports games, Tennis and Ping pong for example, how many audio variations have we seen of these games where the only thing you as a player can do is hit the ball like mad a couple times to finally land most often on the other side of the net, from my perspective, but very seldom, points are counted or a match is played out. Wouldn't it be cool to have a real tennis/ping pong game where you actually could win or lose, and where you could manipulate the ball such as spinning and other stuff? I don't know if it is impossible to do this in a meaningful way but heck sighted players can do it, so why can't we? But what i really miss, being a pinball fan myself is some kind of realistic pinball game that the blind could play as well, maybe by using the stereo capabilities of the I devices to let us know where the ball comes from? Don't get me wrong after reading this long rant, I'm not saying we don't have games, in fact we do have really nice games like the inquisitor, Hanging with friends, lost cities, IFarkle and even specially made games for the blind like Audio Archery but it's just that i miss some other games.


I agree that my iPad opened up new worlds for me. I had never played a game except board games with others, so I loved the idea of games. Personally though, I am a woman and I would love to see some more games that had to do with things like flowers, fairies, unicorns, princesses, and things like that. I love cupcakes, and the other apps by this developer, and also the other games like papa sangre and soul trapper, but I think the world of games for the blind is missing a big chunk!

Have blind gamers ever had it so good?

Hi everyone,

I would like to make a comment on this post. I think that Stem Stumper is a very cool game for both blind gamers and sighted gamers. I'd like to thank Kwasi Mensah of Ananse Productions for developing such a brilliant game! His work with this game was simply fantastic! I hope that he continues to develop great new titles similar to Stem Stumper because I love to play it when I'm sitting down doing nothing for a long period of time. The concept behind this game is awesome! Great work!

sports games

Well folks much of this ground has been covered already so I'll keep it brief: the game I play the most as a casual gamer is Cribbage Pro. This is a game designed for everyone rather than specifically for blind people. A similar game is Chesswise, though I do find that with any form of computer chess you do need to play on a board alongside. This is what is fantastic about IOS, although it's also true to say that the games designed specifically for us are generally very good too. The big gap in the market is sports games as many people have said. I would love to spend the afternoon winning Wimbledon, becoming the PDC world darts Champion, getting the ashes back from Australia, going down the 18th green with the match all square and the Rider Cup at stake, or getting the ball back to Johny Wilkinson to allow him to drop for world cup glory. That would be superb and I would love that type of game more than any other. I realise these games present a particular challenge but someone much cleverer than me could surely think of a way round it. In any event I am surprised that some of the sports management games such as Championship Manager, or International cricket Captain, have not been made a bit more accessible.

Games accessibility

I think it is possible that more games become accessible. For example the popular game subway surfers can be accessible. It can be played by blind users using their headphones. Using zsounds it can alert you to incoming obstaculs and incoming coins. I hope I can play it one day.