Rumors Of A Native Gmail App Coming To iOS

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Google is reportedly on the verge of launching a native Gmail app for iOS. According to these reports, the app has already been submitted to Apple and is awaiting approval.

If these reports are true, the app might give users far greater control over their Gmail than is possible through the iOS mail app. This could include push notifications and better threading of messages.

PC World has more on this rumor and the possible features of any app.

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Now available

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It's official. The native Gmail app has now been confirmed and released. It provides full native access to Gmail including notifications for new messages, support for threaded conversations, archiving, labelling, starring, deleting and reporting spam. The app also includes support for Gmail Priority Inbox, auto-completion of names from Google or iOS Contacts and Gmail search. Users can also send photos as attachments from within the app. The iPad version also provides a standard split-screen view and the application takes advantage of touch gestures such as pull down refresh and viewing labels by swiping right (we shall have to see if an accessible alternative is available).Gmail is a universal app requiring iOS 4.0 or later and is as a free download.I can't seem to access the app from the UK right now, so will have to wait for others to report on its accessibility.

And then it wasn't...

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Well, it was up and available. Now it isn't. Google has pulled it as quickly as it went up. Apparently, there are reports that there are some bugs and it was bad enough to pull it. I will certainly keep checking it myself. Was not the lucky ones to get a hand on it before they pulled it.

Anybody manage to grab it?

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I've heard a few comments that the app has accessibility issues.Did anybody manage to grab the app whilst it was available? If so, what can the rest of us expect to find when it's back in the App Store?