Swiss Federation of the Blind Launches MyWay, a GPS Orientation Aid for iOS

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I've just read about a new GPS app that sounds very interesting.

Called MyWay, it's been developed by the Swiss Federation for the Blind, and supposedly works like Loadstone on Nokia phones.

It is described as a GPS orientation aid which provides distance and directional information to a selected point of interest. These might include an address from your address book or a point on a self-defined route.

A Lite version of the app is available for free, whilst the paid version currently costs $19.99.

The paid version allows file exchange via the iTunes filesharing option. There, you can also import files containing nodes in Open Street Map format giving access to hundreds of POI in the proximity such as bus stops or restaurants.

Be sure to let us know what you think of this new app. It certainly sounds very exciting.

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#1 I know I can probably get

I know I can probably get this information myself, but is this a global app or is it for a specific part of the world? There are so many GPS apps out there, but none of them is a total solution.

#2 It's global

MyWay can be used globally, because users add their own poi and use them to create the routes they need. And if open street map data for your area is reasonably good, you can make use of that, too.

#3 Importing open street map data

Has someone figured out yet how to import data from open street map? Thanks.

#4 the app and few questions

Hi! its awesome app. I got the free version. Anyone has the information how does it work with the OSM maps? does it say the point's name or still p1 p2 p3 etc? is there a possibility to search for a certain poy (if I want to move towards an poi what is several km's away and there are hundreds of results in the list.

#5 directional info

Hi, Is this an app that just tells you how far a POI is and in what direction, or can the OSM data actually provide you with turn-by-turn navigation? If not, how is this any better then, say, ariadne?