iOS 6.1 Accessibility Bug List: the Fixed, the Not Fixed and the New Bugs

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We know some of you have been waiting for quite some time for iOS 6.1 to arrive in your hands. That day has finally arrived!

As with any iOS release, we just can't wait to see what new things it has to offer, but mostly to see what has been fixed! As with any release it may not always fix everything you wish it would do and sometimes create new things that weren't expected!

So we have created this posting for that reason. We want to hear what you think of the new iOS 6.1 release. What has been fixed? What hasn't been fixed? What new features if any have you found?

The purpose of This posting is to educate our users on what they can expect before or after they update their devices to iOS 6.1. We want to spread any information we can, so we need your help! Please feel free to leave your Comments below on anything you want to talk about.

In the meantime, while we have been waiting for this new release, some of the AppleVis Editorial Team had already had the chance to see what has been fixed and what has not. We have compiled a list of the issues have been reported in iOS 6. You will see a compiled set of Q&A to read based on our findings. We can only hope that our conclusions are mostly right and that they are helpful to you.

Our testing was done on several devices. However, it should be noted that not all types of devices were used when we did this review. So, please correct us if you don't agree with our findings. This will only help everyone in the community to understand what they can expect!

After doing the three finger double tap on the screen to disable the speech, do the sounds still persist when flicking around on the screen?

Yes. We believe this is a feature rather than a bug.

From time to time, While navigating through the apps on your screen, VoiceOver will lose focus and go back to the last item you had selected. Does this still occur?

No. This appears to have been resolved.

While surfing using Safari, does the focus still jump around quite a bit?

Yes. Sadly, we still see problems mostly with the Headings jumping around.

When you are inside of an app, VoiceOver focus would generally go to a random spot rather than the intended element: For example, it would focus on the back or cancel button rather than going to the text field. Does this still persist?

Still testing.

People that use the Rotor to select different languages will find that each time they either reboot the phone or turn VoiceOver off/on that it won't remember what it was last set to. Does this still persist?

No. It appears that this has been resolved.

Under the Music app some of the buttons were unlabeled. Have they been fixed?

No. We were a bit surprised by this finding.

The process of relabeling of a button would sometime save and other times wouldn't save at all. Does this still persist?

No. This appears to have been resolved; all custom element labels we tried have saved as intended.

Many of the games that contain audio for the music would be choppy and lag. Has this been fixed?

Yes. We have tried a number of games and we were unable to find any lagging or choppiness.

When in the Calendar and the monthly view is selected, does it still only announce 0 events regardless of whether you had any events scheduled or not?

No. This issue appears to have been resolved; we are now able to see the actual number of events.

When the screen is locked, does VoiceOver still not say if the Mute switch is either on or off upon switching?

Yes. We believe that this is a feature and not a bug. However, do note that once the Screen Lock has been unlocked that VoiceOver does still let you know if the Mute switch has been turned on or off.

At times when you have the Screen Curtain turned on, toggling VoiceOver off and then back on would result in VoiceOver forgetting the setting of the Screen Curtain. Has this been resolved in 6.1?

Yes. This appears to have been resolved.

When you are in the Contacts app and you want to go from one letter of the alphabet to another based on the heading, does the Heading still not list things properly? For example, if I’m at the E letter heading, I may be still seeing contacts starting with the letter B.

Sadly, the ability to jump from one letter to another by heading still seems inconsistent.

Does VoiceOver still talk while you are on the phone?

Still testing.

While on the phone at times, it is necessary to enter tones when in menus of call centers. Does the phone call lower its volume so that VoiceOver can be heard when trying to find the correct number to press?

Still testing.

On some of the older devices like the iPhone 4 and the 3gs it at times still had quite a bit of lagging. Do you still see this issue?

No. On our older devices it has appeared that this has been resolved. It feels a bit snappier than before.

We can only hope that some of the questions and our answers provided above have been helpful. If there are more questions that you want to ask before updating to iOS 6.1, please feel free to leave your comments below. We are certain with all of our users, that one of us will find the time to get back with you on an answer!

Maybe, you had questions that we hadn't mentioned and you have already updated to iOS 6.1. Please feel free to share those findings with us as well!

Thanks for helping us out! We hope that with all of our resources as a community, that we will continue to educate and support each other through this journey of iOS.

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Messages app

Hi. In IOS 6, there was a bug where if you are in the messages app, and you lock your screen, no sound is played when you get a message. No vibration or anything, you don't even know that you got a messageat all until you unlock the screen again. If you aren't in the message app when the screen is locked, this doesn't occur; you still hear the alert and bivration. But if you're in the messages app and lock the screen it doesn't come through at all until you unlock the screen. Is this bug fixed in IOS 6.1? Did anyone else have this problem at all?

Some bugs that were not fixed

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Well, here are some bugs that I just tested and that are stil buzzing around: 1. Using Raise to Speak with Siri, raise the phone to your ear and issue a command. Lower the phone, then use a two-finger double tap to issue further instructions. Even though the phone is no longer at your ear, the phone speaker is used. 2. Mute speech and then turn the rotor. While the braille display rotor selection commands no longer un-mute speech, the on-screen commands still do. 3. Turn on the screen curtain, then turn vo off and back on. The screen curtain setting is still not saved, and the screen will remain on until you once again turn it off even if you had it off when you turned vo off. 4. Split tapping still seems unreliable, as it has ever since iOS5.1. 5. Unlocking your phone and immediately touching an icon on the home screen still opens the phone app (or whatever is in position 1 in your dock). I have not tested beyond these as they are all I can recall for now.


Hi. I had that bug myself in 6.0, but it is indeed fixed.

bug with music

In the post u refered to unlabeled buttons in music app. I do not see any unlabeled buttons.

Screen curtain and music

I'd just like to chime in and say that the screen curtain setting is saved on my 4S, and has always been. I'm also curious about the Music app. I don't notice unlabeled buttons in there either.

Unlabel Button

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Unfortunetly, if you go to the Setting -> Music. Towards the bottom of this page. You will find the area where you can turn on the Music Match. If you flick to the right of this. You will hear the unlabel button.

Re: Screen curtain bug not fixed

I've tested it a few times on my iPhone 4. Still not fixed for me. Had to turn screen curtain back on all the time.

iOS 6.1 on iPhone 5

Hi Several minutes after apple realize iOS 6. 1 I seem the follow bugs I'm using iPhone 5 maybe it doesn't affect others devices. Navigating on the appleVis Webpage on the list of post for example IOS 6. 1 accessibility bug list fix or unfixed etcetera follow for Usual name who posted it follow for List of comments per example coments follow for Last coment 5 minutes ago When you hit on the post to see the coments on the next screen The surprise was that only there are 2 coments May be is new VoiceOver bug After turn on the iPhone VoiceOver said again Mute unmute it

On Screen keyboard on iPad

With iOS 6, on my iPad, the on screen keyboard did not work with touch typing when an edit field was selected, and the keyboard popped up. I had to use triple click on the home button to disable then re-enable VoiceOver for the touch typing to work properly. Did anyone else have this issue, and is it fixed in 6.1? I noticed this on other family members' iPads as well. The problem was not present on my iPhone 4S.

The bugs stil being tested

Hi! I have a few things in regards to the bugs you list as "still testing." I've never really found that I can reproduce the bug you mention with the focus jumping to a random element. I'm assuming that, since you mention text fields, you refer to the double tap you're required to perform in order to bring up the keyboard for text entry. Either that, or you refer to VoiceOver randomly jumping to another element when entering an application. I wouldn't mind some clarification, since the wording seems a little confusing. When you are inside of an app, VoiceOver focus would generally go to a random spot rather than the intended element: For example, it would focus on the back or cancel button rather than going to the text field. The phone bugs still persist. VoiceOver volume does not lower, in fact, VoiceOver's volume is quite low when using the speaker as opposed to the call volume itself. I haven't found this to change a lot when plugging in headphones. VoiceOver also still talks while you're on the phone, such as when notification banners appear, which doesn't make a lot of sense. You're not exactly able to interact with the item while holding the phone to your ear, and if you're sighted, you can't do that either. Proximity sensor locks the screen, so it'd make sense for VoiceOver to exhibit such a behavior. I've written Apple about this a really long time ago, but it appears to be one of those bugs Apple doesn't get back to you about until they get the time. This can actually be from the first beta to the last one and beyond. You wouldn't believe the amount of open bugs I've got pending. So, patience is a virtue here, even if it sucks and it's really frustrating when those menu systems just insist on talking. So, there's my stuff! I'll embark on my quest to actually dig up my notes so I can hopefully contribute more. I like documenting everything so I can complain loudly later.

Media in the messaging app!

When using iOS 6, I often encountered a bug when displaying media in the messaging app. When someone sent me a iMessage with a picture, I was able to double tap the image and display it on the screen. From that point forward however, I was stuck. VoiceOver would simply say image, no matter where I tapped on the screen. I literally had to go to App Switcher and terminate the messaging app in order to resolve this problem. The good news, this appears to be partially fixed in iOS 6.1. Now, when I display an image, VoiceOver identifies a back button on the top left corner of the screen. I still can't touch the middle of the image and flick left to this back button, but at least I now have a way out. BTW, this was all done on an iPhone 4S, have not tried this on any other devices. Hope this helps. Jim

Battery Life

Has anyone with an Iphone 4s installed the update? If so, do you notice your battery life being worse? I haven't installed the update yet, but do recall when the update was made available to the Iphone 5 community there was an issue with battery life. Just curious before I install the update. Thanks

voice over is no longer a trashed pile on soft reset.

I have access to an old iphone 4, as well as an iphone 5. I decided for the hell of it to upgrade to IOS 6.1 on the 4 as it's not my production phone. Prior to upgrading pressing the home and power buttons for a soft reset caused voice over to take a giant leap off a cliff, and taking tripple click home with it. TO restore this, I had to plug into itunes and reset the voice over status to on then go into settings/general to fix tripple click home. IOS 6.1, at least on the 4, has fixed this rather annoying behavior.

can't yet test this.

I have no issue with battery life on the 5, but the 4 it's horrible. A note re: the five and battery life. Not using LTE, for pitty sake turn it off. You'll thank yourself later.

thoughts and a bug question.

Hi all. I'm downloading the update for my iPhone 4 as we speak. My thoughts of n the screen curtain issue might be that the setting is saved on the newer faster phones? I don't know, i'm throwing that out there. My question for the bug fix, when you're in the message app, and you compose a message, voice over was incredibly slow in both the to and message fields. Once someone responded to you, you could type somewhat fast and normally. Has this been fixed? I pray it has, otherwise I'l spend money I don't have for a better phone, because it was driving me nuts! ;)

Battery Life Answer

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

During our testing through the beta cycle and to this final release. Our team have not experienced any kind of battery life issues on the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and the iTouch 5. So if you do have issues we sure like to hear about it.

Volume Setting in Rotor still busted after reboot

The bug where you'd adjust VO volume in the rotor from 80% to whatever still doesn't stick after VO toggles or phone reboots. Was sort of hoping they'd fix that seeing as the VO language bug is fixed. Off to bugerporter I go, then.

To all who are having the screen curtain issue.

Have you tried turning on the screen curtain, then plugging your phone into your computer and turning on VoiceOver using the "Universal Access" button in iTunes? This seems to solve the issue for me. There was a posting on AppleVis a while back about this. Thanks, Shersey

New Update

I just updated and now am in a screen that states, IPhone image, info button, and flicking to right takes me to another language, then the phone locks. So how do I get back to my home page? Help please!

Double tap the button

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That button that keeps cycling through the languages is where you double tap. You will then be taken through a few quick steps, including entering your password at one point, and then you'll be done. Just configure the options on each screen and double tap "next" when you are ready to move to the next screen.

Hi, iTunes does a restore on

Hi, iTunes does a restore on your iPhone when you update, so you are actually at the iPhone setup screen. Just get your iTunes to restore the phone from backup and you should be OK. I do think Apple should have warned people about the restoring during update, as that caught me by surprise as well.

iPhone 5 Soft Reset warning!

On 6.0.2, I had a very painful experienced when i did, first time, soft-reset my iPhone5. My iPhone5 went back on, but my voice over was off and setting were gone, even the triple click home was not working anymore. This issue is sadly still on iOS 6.1 on the iPhone 5. However, from the previous reply on iPhone 4, it was mentioned that this issue is not their anymore. This is so freaking weird that this bug still on iPhone5, but not on iPhone 4. for the sake of the people who are using 4s, I hope someone would do a test to confirm if those devices have this issue still as well.

seems random..

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I think the bug is random. I have an iPhone5, and I did a home/power reset yesterday (of course that was before the update). I did not lose any vo settings from that reset, even though I had lost them in the past. I have no idea why, but there it is.


If you just double tap on the part that says something in another language, it will unlock the phone and you can complete the update process. Jenn

Bug fixes

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I can confirm that, for me at least, two of the most irritating bugs are fixed. 1. On iPhone, when you turn VoiceOver off and back on, it now remembers which language you were using. 2. On iPad, the on-screen keyboard issue is fixed. You no longer have to turn VoiceOver off and on to get it working every time you go to type something. Halalulia! Unfortunately I am still experiencing the problem with VoiceOver focus jumping back to the top of the page in Safari, particularly when navigating by heading. This is my number one fix request now!


I don't know if this is an isolated issue. After i updated to 6.1, all of my text messages have been wiped off my phone. I have backed my phone up before updating and restored it from the back up. Wow, I'm glad I don't have important text messages anymore. Hopefully, someone would confirm this if this is not an isolated issue, so we can bring some awareness to people before updating their phone. Lastly, for your guys information, I updated my phone through iTunes. Perhaps, with this additional information, we could make a distinction where is this problem coming from.

Hi, I don't think this is a

Hi, I don't think this is a bug I think its something that happens if you do this update through iTunes. I do agree though Apple should have given some warning about this. Just for potential jailbreakers information, the developers are recommending updating through iTunes and not doing an over the air update specifically because it will restore during the update, but you can restore after, apparently over the air updates can potentially cause trouble with jailbreaking.

All messages present and accounted for

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I just looked, and as far as I can tell all my messages are still here (iMessages and texts alike). I did the update over the air, if that helps.

Hi Musicruz. No problem with

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hi Musicruz. No problem with messages here either. I too updated over the air. I was considering jailbreaking when it's released, but Alex has given me pause for thought on that.


It seems like most of you guys updated your phone over the air, so this could have something to do with updating through iTunes Well, I used the iTunes for the sake of jailbreak when they release it. I'm cool though. All I care about right now is the 6.1 jailbreak. LOL!

Text Message Sound

I have discovered in this newest update that the sound when sending a text message has been restored as was the case before the previous update. So far, all settings and apps are working same as before the new update. I use an iPhone 4/s

This comment has been deleted.

Not mine...

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Nope, my iPhone5 still has the bug. I have no idea why some do and some don't, but at least some people have gotten the fix.

Losing all Text Messages Resolve!

Hi guys, I've managed to recover all of the text messages I had lost an hour ago. Even though I really don't care about them that much, I've messed with it just to see if I could still recover them. I did get them back. I just tried to restore (Again!) my phone from my back up, and they all came back! I should have done this earlier, but probably because they were not that important to me anymore that was why I never thought about it. LOL! I just want to share this experience to all of you just in case that someone run into this kind of issue.

Messaging sound and message bug I posted earlier

Hi. I never had the mising sending message sound I think the person was talking about. The compose message bug I posted about is still there, though it might be a tiny I emphasize tiny, bit faster but there's a noticable lag in the speech.

Re: Some bugs that were not fixed.

When ios 6 was first released, I also experienced voiceover not remembering the screen curtain setting. I know it might seem a bit drastic, but the only way I was able to make that problem go away was to reset all setting by going to settings, general, reset, then double tapping reset all settings. I have an iPhone 4S. I got voiceover back when the phone restarted, but someone with an iPhone 5 whom I suggested this procedure to, didn't have the same luck with voiceover, and she had to use iTunes to turn voiceover back on. Hope this helps.

element labeler is not working for me

I just installed the update. the same behavior exists. If I try and change the label on a folder, other folders also are effected. I had a folder I call Scanning with contains money reader and several other apps. The folder I had drop box in had an incorrect name, when I renamed it drop box, it mysteriously became another scanning folder. I don't know why this is happening but I'm not sure how to fix it.

IOS 6.1

Hi, I can say that most of the anoying bugs with vo have been fixed. Composing a new Text Message/iMessage is still a bit slow, but its a bit faster on my iPhone 4 though. Voiceover isn't as laggy, either like it once ws; it seems a bit snappyer. I rarely use the delta updates, I always update using iTunes, making sure I download the whole. ipsw file so just inc ase I have to restore, I have it there. Looks like I'll be jailbreaking my phone again too!! I'm excited about taht!

item labels aren't for folders

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While it may be easier to rename folders with the item labeler, that is not its purpose. Folders have their own way of being renamed, which should be used instead. That way, vo always knows the proper name, and sighted people to whom you might lend your device also know which folders are which.

Not an issue with messages here...

Hi guys! I just updated through iTunes, and haven't seen any of my messages gone. But I think maybe that I have all messages synced to iCloud, and that could be the reason why I'm not seeing this bug. So far, everything seems pretty fine here...

Hi Dave82, I think you should

Hi Dave82, I think you should have no problem jailbreaking, I guess you can do a restore using iTunes then restore from backup and hopefully you should be OK. At the end of the day, you can't break your phone, worst that you will have to do is restore, so you don't really have anything to lose, I wasn't meaning to put anyone off, just passing along advice fro the jailbreak developers.

the repeating notification for messages bug

hi. has any one encountered this bug in the new version? i am using ios 6.0.1 on an iphone 4s and that bug is annoying. when I receive a text message if i don't do anything the notification repeats but there is only one message. i hope this was resolved.

HI valentin

Actually, the repeated alert of a text message is not a bug: It's actually a feature that you can disable if you wish so. If you decided to disable it, go to your Setting >Notification>Message and set the "Repeat Alert" to "never." Regards, @Musicruz

getting 2 alerts for 1 text message

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This is considered a feature, not a bug. I wish I could toggle whether I received 2 notifications or 1 for each text. Often, I notice my texsxts are there, but I'm doing something else and can't tend to it right away.

Not Fixed for me

I've had this issue on my iPod 4g, and it's still there. The very first soft reset I did after the upgrade blew away all my VO settings. This doesn't happen with every soft reset.I'm guessing it happens to me one in 3 or 4 resets.

Screen Curtain Bug

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I can confirm that the screen curtain bug does still exist on the iPhone 5, at least in some circumstances. I turned VoiceOver off yesterday to show a sighted person something...and when I turned it back on, my screen curtain was off.

As I have mentioned on my

As I have mentioned on my previous post, You can set how many times your phone will go off, every time you recieve a message. You can set this by 1, 2, 3, 5, or even 10. I don't know who is in the right state of their mind would set that by ten@ LOL! regard, @musicruz

Reply to Jim forh the Media on the Messaging App issue.

This has been fixed. I only tested this on my iPhone 5, but I don't see why this would not work on other generation of iPhones. However, It may seem at first that it is not still fix. After you open the media and start flicking around immediately, the Voice Over does not seem to recognize the item on the screen. Therefore, the work around for this is to touch the back button then start flickinnng to the right, and you will find the action button, which will allow you to save the media. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue and clear out some of the misconception in regards with this issue. Regards, @Musicruz