Handelabra Studio updates apps to provide full VoiceOver support

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Handelabra Studio has recently updated three of their apps to provide full VoiceOver support.

The apps are RE.minder, GAME.minder and Better Clock.

The first 2 of these are free, whilst Better Clock is 99 cents.

I've tested RE.minder, and was very impressed with it's accessibility.

Unfortunately, I was not able to test GAME.minder, as it is not available in my regional iTunes Store (looks like it might be US only). I would expect it to have a similar level of accessibility to RE.minder, and hopefully somebody can post confirmation of this to the App Directory.

The developers have kindly given us 2 promo codes for Better Clock. I am offering these to the first 2 people to add a comment to this post. Be warned, though, that I shall be hoping you will post a report on this app in the App Directory in return for the code!

Better Clock uses multi-tasking and local notifications to make sure your alarm will sound, even in the background. The sleep timer feature can be used with any audio app that supports background audio, such as Pandora, Last.fm or Bookmark. The app claims to have full VoiceOver support.

Update: both promo codes have now gone.

Update 2: Better Clock has now been added to the App Directory.

Update 3: more promo codes posted by Handelabra Studio. See comment number 5.

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Submitted by paras shah on Thursday, January 20, 2011

Submitted by Maria Reyes on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Is it posible to redeem a promo code through. Your iOS device? I don't have a computer.

Submitted by Greg Wocher on Thursday, February 25, 2016

I was looking for better clock in the app store and cannot find it. Also when I clicked on the link above to view it here on apple vis, I get an error saying the page does not exist.

Greg Wocher

Submitted by Faerie on Friday, February 26, 2016

I have also never been able to find the game minder app, which is a shame as it's name intreagues me a great deal. It is likely that these apps have been pulled, but figured I would ask anyway

Submitted by Deborah Armstrong on Thursday, March 3, 2016

On an old iPOD Touch 4G running iOS 6.1.6, Better clock is so slow it's almost unusable. On a modern device with iOS 9.X it's great.

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