Grab a Free Copy of the Favorites Speed Dial App Courtesy of 1 of our Favorite iOS Developers

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Update: All of the promo codes have now been taken.

Matt Gemmell has very kindly given us 10 promo codes for a free download of his iOS app, Favorites - Speed Dial, SMS, MMS and Email with Photos.

As you may know, Matt has written extensively on developing accessible apps, and we always encourage developers who are less familiar with VoiceOver to read his excellent guide.

This Speed Dial app enables you to add and organize your favorite contacts for quick access, and call, SMS or email with one tap.

The app features a comprehensive built-in tutorial, dynamic help and animation throughout. Choose contacts, names, add badges for Mobile, Home or Work numbers, and more. Favorites can also be customized to behave the way you want it to via the iPhone's Settings application.

If you would like one of the promo codes, simply post a reply below.

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#1 speed dialing

I've often wondered how to do speed dialing on the IPhone. Primarily, some sighted people have asked me how to do it and I couldn't provide an answer. That's probably one thing they miss from their old cell phones is a way to do speed dialing. This app would be neat to try out. Thanks.

#2 Speed Dial

This sounds great, would love a copy. Thanks Matt, and thanks AppleVis.

#3 Code request

I'd like a copy too, please. Very cool sounding app.

#4 Free Code

The app sounds great. I would also like a free code. Thank you very much.

#5 code request

sounds useful, i'd be interested in a code to try this out too please

#6 Speed dialing

Many thanks for this promo, and everyone should read Matt Gemell's excellent linked article on how developers can make iOS apps accessible.

#7 I would love a promo code

Yes I would definitely love a promo code thank you so much

#8 would like one

I would like one please.

#9 may I have one please?

Could I have one please by chance?

#10 All codes now gone

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

All of the codes have now been claimed and will be mailed out shortly. To those who get one of the codes, we'd love to hear what you think of the app.