Full Braille Display Support Comes To Blindfold Wildcard

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This post is a follow up to my post from December, Braille Display Users Deserve Better From Blindfold Games. In this post, I acknowledged the efforts of Marty for speech users, but pointed out the lack of accessibility for braille display users. While the use of a display is a luxury for some, for the deaf-blind this is not the case, as a display must be relied upon for access to information on a mobile device. As someone who used speech in the past, and no longer has that ability due to hearing loss, I went from being able to play these games to being unable to do so when I began struggling to understand TTS solutions. An enjoyable passtime became stressful and frustrating, and playing these games with speech is now an impossibility for me.

After posting the above linked article, many comments followed. Several of these were from the developer who decided to engage with the community on this issue. As the comments started rolling in, Marty informed us that he was working on a version of Blindfold Wildcard which would address the needs of braille display users.

Today, Marty released a new version of Blindfold Wildcard which works well for users of braille displays. For the first time in over three years, I was able to enjoy a Blindfold game as many of my hearing counterparts do, and feel included instead of excluded. I would like to close this post by expressing my appreciation to Marty for his efforts to make this game playable by deaf-blind users. It is my hope that games released in the past, as well as those to come in future which do not rely on audio for play will contain an alternative screen layout such as the one developed for the latest version of Blindfold Wildcard. The Blindfold series of games are a fun stress-relieving activity which I am beginning to rediscover due to the recently implimented accessibility changes. Thanks to those who beta tested the braille display layout, and offered feedback! You have my gratitude.



Submitted by Lysette Chaproniere on Sunday, January 7, 2018

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This is definitely a step in the right direction. Thanks Marty for doing this, and I hope you can gradually add Braille support to more games.