Everything You Need to Know About iOS 7 will be on AppleVis on Release Day

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
With the public release of iOS 7 now just a few days away, we wanted to let you all know that we have lots of information and resources ready to share on the AppleVis website as soon as Apple makes its new version of iOS available for download.
This includes a number of Blog posts and Guides which will provide information on what you will find in iOS 7, along with many podcast demonstrations of new and changed features.
Some of our Editorial Team have been involved in beta testing of iOS 7, so have been able to compile a list of existing accessibility bugs which appear to have been fixed. Unfortunately, as is often the nature of these things, some new bugs also appear to have been introduced in this update. We'll be posting a list of the ones that we have found to-date, and past experience would suggest that this will be a particularly hot topic and that the list will grow as people identify additional bugs.
Our Zello channel will be open between 6.00PM UTC on Wednesday and 3.00AM UTC on Thursday for people to join in some real-time chat about iOS 7 and to share their first impressions.
We're looking forward to iOS 7 finally being available, and hope that the great content we have ready for posting will help with getting to grips with everything that is new or changed.
It's going to be extremely interesting to hear people's opinions on whether iOS 7 has been worth the hype and wait, so we will be keen to hear everybody's thoughts on this version of iOS.
We look forward to seeing you all on iOS 7 launch day.

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