[CLOSED] AppleVis Birthday Giveaway: VOCalc; an iOS Calculator Designed with Blind and Low Vision Users in Mind

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It's the week of the 5th birthday of AppleVis, and this giveaway comes from the great people at MPaja.

The Prize

Enter for a chance to win one of 5 promo codes for VOCalc. This iOS app usually costs US$2.99.

About VOCalc

VOCalc brings you a basic calculator which you can use without reading glasses.

The user interface is designed with readability for low vision users in mind. For this, high contrast and big clear fonts are used.

VOCalc is optimized for use with VoiceOver.

Calculator features:

Expression entry is done with formula visible, like 2x(5-4). This way you always know where the result comes from and can verify the input.

Access to past calculations is only one button away as history is saved as you go. Previous expressions can be seamlessly modified for new calculations.

Visit the VOCalc page on the App Store for more information

An added bonus for MBraille users

As an added gift to the AppleVis community, MPaja has also reduced for the week of our birthday the price of the in-app purchases available in MBraille.

  • In-app purchase to unlock the full features of MBraille reduced from US$39.99 to US$29.99
  • In-app purchase to use MBraille as third party keyboard reduced from US$9.99 to US$6.99

About MBraille

MBraille brings you a mobile braille keyboard.

With the free features you can type, edit and send tweets and text messages using contracted or uncontracted English braille.

With the full version you can also use braille to

  • call contacts or telephone numbers
  • send email
  • do Facebook status updates
  • add calendar entries
  • fire away internet search engine queries
  • the text typed is automatically put to clipboard when you switch apps.
  • interact with other 3rd party applications
  • check spelling
  • save and open text files
  • sync to dropbox
  • use MBraille as third party keyboard

The keyboard is also available as a separate in-app purchase.

Visit the MBraille page in the App Store for more information

How to enter the VOCalc Giveaway

Simply send an email to [CLOSED] with "VOCalc" in the subject line.

Important Notes

  1. Please make sure that you enter the requested subject line in your email. We have lots of giveaways this week, so cannot guarantee that your name will go into the draw to win this prize if you do not do this.
  2. The deadline for entries is 23:59 PST on Sunday, 2 August 2015. Entries received after this will not be entered into the draw.
  3. Winners will be selected at random and notified by email during the week commencing 3 August 2015.
  4. As always, our usual competition rules apply.