Braille Institute launches ViA; an App to Help the vision-impaired find useful iOS apps

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

The Braille Institute of America has launched a new iOS app that aims to make it easier for the vision-impaired to find useful apps.

Visually Impaired Apps (ViA) claims to fill the need for "a one-stop shop of useful apps that help visually impaired people stay connected and engaged with the world".

ViA provides all of the available information about an app along with descriptive podcasts, video tutorials, and reviews written by users, caregivers, parents, and specialists. Users can search for apps by category or see what apps are being featured in the New and Recommended sections. Users of the app are encouraged to share their knowledge about the accessibility features in individual apps so that others can learn the best way to use them. Users can also recommend that ViA include other apps that may have value for the visually impaired community.