Bluetooth OnOff: the latest round in the Apple vs innovators game

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team

When I heard the news of the recently released $0.99 Bluetooth OnOff app, an application which allows iOS users to turn bluetooth on and off quickly without going to Settings/General/Bluetooth, some thoughts came to my mind. First and foremost, I hope Apple doesn't remove this app from the App Store as it's quite easier to alter a feature like Bluetooth this way without delving into Settings. I also hope to see the same official apps for the WiFi and the Airplane mode switch. After all, it's not easy to rationalize how doing this is against the concept of "consistency" which Apple has tried to promote and implement over the past few years in iOS. Along the same lines, I'd very much like to see official call recorders, call blockers and SMS filtering apps in the App Store. The absence of these apps is a shortcoming for the iOS.

Second, I might be wrong, but this app which hasn't yet been removed from the App Store might be the beginning of a radical shift in the way Apple verifies and sometimes arbitrarily rejects applications. It hasn't hurt me per se, but I understand how it can stifle app development or innovation and steer away some developers. In the meantime, you may want to hurry up and grab this VoiceOver-accessible app before it bids goodbye to the App Store -- if it ever happens anyway.