The Blindsight Corporation Releases New OCR App

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Those looking for an accessible OCR app for their iDevices may very well be in luck.  Text Detective is a new, fully accessible app that was released to the U.S. iTunes store yesterday.

According to the app's description, Text Detective will allow one to scan printed documents--and edit, email, or copy the resulting text to other apps--all in a completely accessible interface.  While the app is designed mainly for the iPhone 4S, it can run on other iOS devices as well--including iPads.

Currently priced at $1.99, Text Detective is available for download in the iTunes App Store.

More information about the app is available on the AppleVis directory entry at

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Your chance to win 1 of 5 free downloads

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Blindsight have very kindly given us 5 promo codes for TextDetective.If you would like to stand a chance of winning one of these, simply post a reply below.We'll select the winners at random from all the replies that are posted before midnight tonight ... that's PST, so it should give you all lots of time to get your replies posted. Good luck!

Support for other languages

For a long time I thought what to put in here as I don't like spamming the comment section with one word replies just to make another comment and get into the game. Taking this chance I'd like to express my concern about the Text Detective supporting other languages. Will it only recognize text written in enlish or would other languages work as well? Of course I'd also like to apply for the game for the promo codes. Have a nice day Paweł

Text detective

I really am happy that Blind Sight corporation has given us an oppertunity to win! I hope it turns out better than Prizmo! I can't get that to work to save my life!

support for brazilian portuguese

Hi. When this app was released i asked myself the same question thatpaweb posted here. I'm from brazil, so would be interested to try thisapp with texts that are in other languages to experiment and to give thedevelopers the feedback needed to improve future versions and make itavailable in more languages, because by reading the description andcomments I see that the app has a lot of potential, and the best thingis that it isn't expensive, but I haven't bought it yet, so would bereally interested in a promo code.Of course I'll be also using the app with English texts, so even if itdoesn't support my language it will still be useful.I have apple ids in three countries:Brazil, USA and UK, so I have no problems to participate  in this game i think, smiles. 

very interesting app

Tis app seems very interesting. I've had problems with other OCR appps before, mainly when I try to take the exact picture of the text, but I feel with text detective this could be achieved easyer. The stuff is kind to answer fast to enqueries too wich I find its very useful. I would love to finally be able to scann things properly with my Iphone 4S


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I have an iPod, but Apple has made it so that when I get my iPhone (which better happen soon!) I can put it on there. Still, it'd be interesting to see if this app can do anything with the iPod's camera. No OCR app has worked so far, but who knows? It's worth a shot at least.

Replying for A Chance To Win

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This sounds like a very interesting app. I hope I can win a copy, it'll be interesting to see how it works on my iPod Touch.

Text detective

Text detective sounds like an interesting and useful app. I've stayed away from OCR apps before now, because of reviews stating how ineffective they seem to be most of the time. I'm willing to give text detective a try though.

text detective

i think this app will help those of us who use a lot of printed material in our daily lives. According to the podcast it works a lot better than other OCR apps i have now. If i win I will post my findings here.


I've been waiting for an OCR solution for the iPhone. I haven't purchased this app, so figured I'd enter the contest to see if I win a promo code. So many amazing apps have truly made my iPhone one of the most useful tools I own.

Hi, I would also like to

Hi, I would also like to enter the draw to get a copy of text detective. I have tried a couple of OCR solutions on my IPhone and not had much luck so am hoping Text Detective is more successful! I'd love to be able to scan in letters and menu's when on the move like I did when I had KNFB Reader. I also have an IPad so would be interested in testing how the app works on both devices.

contest entry

I'm writing for a chance to win one of the free codes. I hope this app is as good as described. I'm using an iPhone 4, and have an iPod touch 4th gen. I don't know when I will upgrade to the 4s, due to financial constraints.

Text Detective App, Possibilities?

I am very much looking forward to checking this one out. Thus far I have mostly avoided the OCR apps. Some are possible to use but require more of a learning curve than I have time for.

reply to win promo code

I would like to reply to win a code for this app. I've tried other ocr apps and none of them seemed to work very well.

Would love to try it

The OCR app I have now is too much trouble and I have not had much success with it. I look forward to seeing what this one will do. Win or not I'm sure I'll be getting it sooner or later. It's good to see the technology getting better.

Text Detective: A Promising App

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I am eager to try Text Detective and am hoping to win a promo code. I have never been able to hold the phone steady for long enough to take a good picture for other OCR apps. I will definitely be purchasing the app at some point since I will probably need someone else to help me learn it.

Competition now closed

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This competition has now closed, and the 5 winners have been drawn from the virtual AppleVis hat. If you're one of those lucky 5, you will receive an email shortly with your promo code. Congratulations, and we hope that you enjoy using TextDetective.Our commiserations to all of you who missed out this time. Be sure to keep a watch for future giveaways.If any app developers happen to be reading this, we are always looking for ways to give back to the users who help to make this site what it is. So, if you have some spare promo codes, we'd love to hear from you!

Text Detective

I love this app. I like the fact that you can keep scanning to find some results instead of hearing no results and then having to go back and try again. Thank you so much for this!

Menu Weather

Hi, I love this app. I hope it works out its minor bugs, but I can't find any, but others have noticed a few I guess. Thank you so miuch for such a great app.