Being On The Ball - My Favourite Apple Sporting Apps

One of my favourite aspects of owning an Apple device is the ability to listen to sport on the go, and receive alerts within seconds of a change in the score. If you are a football or sports fan like me, check out these apps for your iOS device. SkyGo If you live in the UK, and subscribe to BSkyB, then SkyGo is a free app you can download from the App Store and access with VoiceOver. You can assign this app to two devices at a time in order to receive Sky services. If you want more nominated devices, then you would have to pay an additional fee. For me, two devices, plus the TV itself, is plenty to be going on with! Using SkyGo enables me to listen to football matches on my iPhone 5 whether I am at home or anywhere else. VoiceOver reads the various buttons and information pertaining to the item I wish to listen to. It is very accessible, and highly recommended if you already have a Sky subscription. BT SPORT Similarly, if you subscribe to the new BT Sport channels, you can also download the BT Sport app from the App Store, and listen to any of their three designated channels. Again, you can only nominate two devices, but these may be changed at any time if you update your phone, tablet or computer. As with SkyGo, BT Sport lets you log in once, then remembers your credentials for subsequent visits. Again, this app works very well with VoiceOver, is fully accessible, and is free to download. FOTMOB This is an app that allows you to receive score flashes and alerts for your favourite team, or the entire league, whichever you prefer. It costs £1.49 for these, but if you do not wish to receive any advertising, you can pay a one-off fee of £1.99 for all scores and no adverts from within the app. The buttons are not particularly well labelled in this app, but that does not mean it is difficult to use with VoiceOver. When you open the app and assign your preferences, you will see that each button is marked as Flute On Yellow, or Flute Off. If On, it means that score flashes for that particular team or league will be announced when they occur. When Off, you will not be alerted. These alerts can be configured within Settings, Notifications, on your device. You can choose to be notified with a sound as well as a badge or banner, and specify whether you want these in the locked screen. TENNIS There are several tennis apps out there, but many of them are not particularly accessible. If you like following the Grand Slam events, however, then each app is accessible, and does update in time for the tournament. So, if you download Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, or US Open, you will find these apps packed with information, scores, and often a radio station to listen to live commentary. These are free apps, available from the App Store, and are a must-have for all dedicated tennis fans. BBC SPORT This is also a free app, and covers everything from Formula One to football, rugby to racing. It is very accessible with VoiceOver, and you simply double-tap on the link of your choice to explore facts, statistics, scores and general information on your chosen sport. SKY SPORTS LIVE FOOTBALL SCORE CENTRE Another useful and very customisable app from BSkyB is the Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre. This free app lets you tailor your team preferences more specifically than the Fotmob app. For example, you can have it notify you of the half-time score,red cards issued during the match, and even team line-ups. You can also do this for more than one team. It works well with VoiceOver, and most of the buttons appear to be distinguishable. I am always happy to hear about other sport apps, so please feel free to contribute with your own favourites and accessibility experiences.


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