The AppleVis Pick of the Month for June 2012: NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Each month, the AppleVis Editorial Team selects an iOS or Mac app which has been submitted to the site in the previous month that we believe to be a must-download. This app can be from any category, and is chosen because our Team members think that it is the pick of all the apps posted in that month.

Making our selection for June was particularly difficult, as many new and noteworthy apps were posted to the site. However, after much discussion, we have picked NFB-NEWSLINE® Mobile.

This much-anticipated new app enables subscribers of Newsline to access content directly through their iDevice without the need to load the website in Safari. NFBNewsline is an extremely popular and valued service available to US residents that gives access to over 300 newspapers, 40 magazines, and TV listings throughout the US.

Because this month's choice is limited to US users, we feel an added need to mention a couple more noteworthy apps that hit iTunes in June.

The first is Podcasts, Apple's standalone application for managing and playing podcasts on your iDevice. Although not offering all the bells and whistles of some of the more established podcast apps, Podcasts offers enough control over subscriptions and playback to satisfy the needs of most users.

The next app that we felt deserved an honorable mention is one for all you iOS gamers, and that is Where's My Rubber Ducky Shooter. This free zombie shooter uses augmented reality audio to give players a 360 degree sound experience. Stand up, turn, aim and shoot alien zombies coming towards you from all sides. It's a great way to kill not only some zombies, but also some time.

In conjunction with each AppleVis Pick of the Month, we randomly select 1 person to receive an iTunes gift card worth $20. This competition was the idea of two users of the AppleVis website, who also very kindly offered to donate the gift cards. We thank them for providing us with this wonderful opportunity to give a little back to the people who help to make AppleVis such a great resource for the community.

This month's winner is Mike from Texas. Congratulations!

To be in with a chance of winning you must follow these simple steps:

submit an iOS or Mac App that has not previously been submitted.

and/or submit a podcast to talk about anything related to Apple iDevices or the Mac that has not already been covered.

and/or submit an Accessory Review, Blog, or Guide related to Apple iDevices or the Mac.

The more content that you submit, the greater your chances are of winning a gift card! We look forward to your valued contributions to the AppleVis website! Now, get busy posting, get entered, and get winning!

We'd also love to hear your opinions on the apps that we've mentioned or any others that you think deserved a mention.