AppleVis is Currently Seeking People to Join Its Editorial Team (NOW CLOSED)

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Update 10 November: Applications are now closed
Are you passionate about the use of Apple products by the blind and people with low vision? If so, AppleVis may have an exciting opportunity for you! We are currently looking to recruit people with specific knowledge and expertise to join our small Editorial Team, which will help us take AppleVis to the next level.
We are looking specifically for people who can fill the following gaps in our existing Team:
1. Editorial Blogger - somebody who can write original blog content for the site which will engage and inform our community. Topics would be limited to those which fall within the overall scope of AppleVis. We would anticipate that you are able to publish a minimum of 1 blog post each week. Strong writing skills are a must. Previous blogging experience is preferable, but not essential. This would be a great opportunity for someone who wishes to publish content to a large audience of interested readers, and will also give you the ability to engage directly with the AppleVis community. If you're a strong writer, this will give you the chance to flex your creative writing muscles even more.
2. An experienced Mac user - somebody who has a minimum of 3 years experience of using VoiceOver on OS X at an advanced level and has a solid understanding of Mac hardware and related applications. Your focus will be to help us develop the Mac-specific content on AppleVis. If you love your Mac, you probably also love showing others how great it is. Here's a chance for you to do just that.
As part of our Editorial Team, any new Team members would also help with the day to day operation of AppleVis.
How To Apply:
If you are interested in joining our Team, please email us at with a cover letter setting out what you believe you would add to our Team.
If you are looking to be our Editorial Blogger, please find a recent forum topic on AppleVis and write a short sample blog post related to that topic to be included with your cover letter. Be sure to add your own flair and opinions to the piece (300 words minimum).
If you want to be the Team’s resident Mac 'GoTo' person, in your cover letter please outline your experience with OS X and set out how you think we could improve coverage of the Mac - and how you would help us achieve this.
Please Note:
Applying to join the AppleVis Editorial Team is no guarantee of acceptance.
Applicants may be asked to speak with existing members of the Team over Skype prior to any decision.
We may invite additional people to join the Team if more than one suitable candidate applies to fill either of the positions mentioned above.
Lastly, please remember that AppleVis is operated by the community, for the community. It has no affiliations with any agency or organization, and receives no external funding or sponsorship. It is maintained by a small team of volunteers, all of whom are vision-impaired and receive no financial gain from their involvement.

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