Apple's excellent support is a boon to VoiceOver users

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team

When it comes to adding to the list of the benefits of owning an iDevice, some don't hesitate to mention excellent tech support. That's intriguing enough, but the proof of the proverbial putting is in the actual eating. As some of you might remember, a while ago I posted a review for the unusable New Oxford American Dictionary. Simply put, I love dictionaries and always want to try new and comprehensive ones as they come my way. However, the hefty $29.99 price tag was more than enough for me to tolerate an unusable app on my iDevice. BTW, for more on the underlying problem please check this post.

At any rate, I decided to contact the iTunes customer support team by sending a message to and asking for a refund. I fully outlined the problem, mentioned that I'm a visually impaired VoiceOver user and that the app isn't VoiceOver-accessible. Guess what? Within a couple of hours I received an email thanking me for contacting the support team and accepting my refund request. I was truly impressed.

In hindsight, if trying apps before buying them isn't an option on iTunes with the exception of apps which have a Lite version, it's good to know that VoiceOver-inaccessible apps, especially more expensive ones, can be refunded. Of course, before making any purchase I recommend checking it against the growing list of iOS app reviews on AppleVis, but don't forget to use this fantastic feature Apple offers whenever you're tired of inaccessible apps whose developers don't even care to reply after the purchase is made.